About Aerohive Networks
A proven innovator that radically simplifies Cloud Networking for organizations of all shapes and sizes

Aerohive has a long history of rapidly innovating and radically simplifying Cloud Networking.

  • 1st to simplify Wireless Network topology and deployments by eliminating the WLAN controllers
  • 1st to unify network policy for Access Points, Switches, and Routers using cloud management
  • 1st to develop a Software Defined  architecture and management application with the flexibility to address Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-Premises implementations
  • 1st to offer organizational level management for Managed Service Providers

We are committed to being a disruptor. Constantly challenging the status quo. Because we want our partners to be more competitive. And our customers to be confident they made the right choice.

Connected Experience

Watch how Aerohive enables smarter network deployments

A Layered Approach

Aerohive’s new SD-LAN solution builds on core capabilities developed by Aerohive over the last 10 years as well as new Access Points, Switches, and Cloud Management capabilities.

Application Visibility and Control 

Combining a sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) engine and deep packet inspection firewall at the edge of the network, Aerohive provides dynamic optimization that adapts with applications, network, and business needs.

Context-Based Policies 

Define which users, devices, and things can enter the network, then granularly control what they are able to do once connected through role based access controls, including time of day or location based access, VLAN management, application rights, and bandwidth.

Cooperative Control 

Aerohive’s unique distributed control Wi-Fi increases speed, scale, and resilience for enterprise networks of any size. State aware protocols self-heal, determine best path forwarding, and optimize client performance based on the environment.

Next-Generation Cloud Management 

HiveManager NG reduces complexity & cost with a single application for centralized automation & programmable management. Offered as a public or private Cloud solution, HiveManager NG delivers a new approach the deployment and support of modern access networks.

Applications and Insights 

Aerohive’s open API platform delivers value beyond connectivity, with programmable interfaces that allow customers to build customized IT and business applications that leverage their own network driven data.

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