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Ten years ago, it all started with one bright idea in a garage. Fast forward to today, Aerohive Networks has celebrated a successful IPO, staffs more than 600 employees worldwide in 16 countries, and serves 30,000 customers globally in the education, retail, and enterprise space. Aerohive is uniquely positioned to transform the connected experience through a simple, secure, and scalable solution built on Cloud networking, great Wi-Fi, and applications & insights. We are home to some of the most amazing engineers, product, sales and technical support talent in our industry who have built and delivered cutting edge solutions our customers love. Just look at our 95% customer satisfaction rating and 64 Net Promoter Score!

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Aerohive is a unique place to work, where you aren’t just another number or worker bee who gets lost in the shuffle. Our entrepreneur-like culture is fun, dynamic, agile, and collaborative where out of-the-box thinking is not only encouraged but expected. Our teams are lean and effective which means everyone’s contributions are visible and impactful. See how you can reach your full potential and start a boundless career. Join us at the Hive!

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Candidate Preparation

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Searching Jobs & Applying

  • Search our Open Jobs
  • Register and create a profile in our database. This will allow you to apply for multiple jobs and will make your resume searchable by our recruiters.
  • Fill out and submit the job application; you will receive an automated email to confirm that we have received the application.
  • Our recruiters will review your profile and share it with our hiring team.
  • If your background and experience matches one of our open positions, a recruiter will reach out to you directly. Due to the high volume of applications received, not all candidates will be contacted for interviews.
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Interview Process

Our interview process will vary depending on the group and location of the interview. Generally, you can expect:

  • One telephone interview with an Aerohive recruiter
  • 1 - 2 telephone interviews with a hiring manager or member of the hiring team. If interviewing for a technical position, this step may include coding questions using a sharable document such as a Google Document.
  • 2 or more in-person interviews with the hiring team. In-person interviews may include one-on-one or panel interviews and can take between 1 -5 hours depending on the position.

An Aerohive recruiter will be available throughout the process to answer your questions and keep you informed of the expected timeline. The time it takes to make a hiring decision will differ for every position, however, we will make every effort to provide you with prompt feedback after your interview. You should feel fully empowered to contact your recruiter to check on timeline and next steps.

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Considering an Offer

We understand that deciding to accept a new job can be an equally exciting and stressful life-changing decision. There is much to consider when making your decision:

  •  and Values
  • Financial Compensation for the position

    In addition to our Benefits and Perks, our compensation package offers a competitive combination of base salary, equity, and variable performance-based pay.
  • The health and reputation of the company

We encourage you to ask questions throughout the interview and offer process to learn more about Aerohive and make sure we are the right fit!

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Study up on Aerohive

Our hiring team will expect you to have done some research before your interview. You should have a general understanding of our products and services and how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Luckily, there are resources you can use:

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Preparing for a Technical Interview

If you are interviewing for one of our engineering positions, chances are the majority of your time interviewing will involve technical assessment and coding questions. Above all else, we want to see if you can write good code with sound design. We will be looking at your analytical skills and your ability to course correct throughout the coding exercise. Recommendations for success:

  • Study up on basic algorithms and data structures (especially if you are rusty)
  • Practice writing code on a whiteboard or on a shareable document such as a Google Document. We might use one or both of these mediums through the interview process and you will be able to write code faster if you have practiced.
  • Explain your work as you code. Your answer may not be perfect right away, but this way the interviewer can follow along with you and see that you understand the problem.
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Ready, Set, Practice!

Preparation is key for a great interview. One way to prepare for an interview (and shake the nerves) is to practice with a friend or in front of a mirror. Half of the battle is being able to communicate strong examples of your previous work into STAR responses. STAR is a method of answering interview questions using examples of your past behavior. Our hiring teams are trained to look for these types of responses from candidates.

  • Situation: What was the specific event or situation?
  • Task/Obstacle: What were you responsible to accomplish?
  • Action: What actions did you take? Be specific.
  • Result: What was the outcome? Whenever possible add a specific metric of success (revenue added, cost saved, etc.).