Eggar’s School
Eggar’s School Embraces Aerohive Controller-less Technology


  • Outdated wireless network in need of upgrade
  • Network could not support growing density and capacity needs
  • Tight budgets required a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution


  • Enterprise-class Wi-Fi enabled solid network access across the school
  • Cloud-managed solution enabled IT team to have valuable insight into network use
  • Scalable solution allowing school to expand in phases, meeting budgetary requirements
  • Controller-less architecture mitigates risk and single point-of-failures

Eggar’s School Embraces Aerohive Controller-less Technology

About Eggar’s School

Eggar’s School is a Secondary School with academy status, located in the town of Alton, Hampshire, England. The school has over 815 students and 96 members of staff.

Eggar’s School is an Ofsted Outstanding school.

Currently the school has over 380 school owned devices, laptops, desktops and tablets.

The Challenge

Eggar’s School were seeking to replace their controller-based system, and 23 wireless access points. The wireless network was configured for internal devices only; they were not able to provide guest access or student BYOD.

Eggar’s School needed to expand their wireless network to keep up with demand or scrap their system and purchase a new solution.

Their access points were scattered around the building providing low density and up to six classrooms shared one access point. Connectivity was often lost moving around the school, and it was not suitable for data roaming or SIP Voice. There was no outdoor Wi-Fi or connectivity for external events.

The controller they were using gave the school many problems. One big issue caused them to review their solution. They had a water leak in the building’s roof space, which resulted in the controller being damaged. The controller could not be repaired for 2-3 weeks and so the school had no Wi-Fi during this time. This lead to many complaints and displeased users.

While selecting its new Wireless Network, Eggar’s School key objective was to ensure any new solution was future proof, at the same time a new solution needed to be cost-effective, controller-less and secure.

Solutions and Accomplishments

Eggar’s School selected Aerohive Networks as the ideal solution. They have since deployed 31 x AP121, 13 x AP130 2 x AP230 and 2 x AP1130 around the school site. This equates to one access point per classroom, outdoor wireless on the school field and high density for BYOD.

A scalable solution was key for Eggar’s. If the school wishes to expand to multiple sites or decides to support local primary schools, Aerohive can be deployed in these areas and managed remotely.

Eggar’s school were also looking for a cloud management system. This enabled them to log in at any time from home or outside the office.

They did not want to rely on a controller to provide Wi-Fi.

“Hive Manager provides a wealth of information about your wireless network and enables visibility of all active clients. It allows us to track devices by location, whilst detailing important information such as device name, username, SSID and MAC address,” says Daryl Reseigh, ICT Systems Manager.

Eggar’s School wanted to roll out BYOD, and were shortly able to do so after installing Aerohive. Trials started in years 7, 8 and 9 to test the technology and iron out any web filtering issues.

BYOD is now available to students from year 7 and teachers are finding new ways to deliver and create content to their class using the technology.

Another feature Eggar’s are particularly satisfied with is Private Pre Shared Key (PPSK). A unique feature to Aerohive. Eggar’s School have over 300 PPSK keys, securely authenticating devices to the network. PPSK allows their IT Team to control who is allowed to join the wireless network and once joined, what level of access they have.


We love the simple configuration. All our keys can be managed via the cloud and it offers a high level of security on the wireless network. Says Daryl Reseigh.


  • Less time managing, more time developing my network
  • Use latest technology.
  • Reassurance of a reliable wireless network.
  • Scalability for the school as we can afford it.



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