Instituto Kilimanjaro Monterrey
Elementary School Upgrades to Aerohive for Interactive Digital Learning

Why Aerohive Was Selected

  • TeacherView is ideal for school and academic environments to better monitor and control digital instruction
  • HiveManager Online provides cloud-based network management for configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • The reliability of the network is rock-solid and can handle large density loads, even in challenging physical environments and outdoor areas
  • Aerohive works seamlessly with Apple devices, a key requirement for Kilimanjaro

Elementary School Upgrades to Aerohive for Interactive Digital Learning

About Instituto Kilimanjaro Monterrey

Founded in 1995, Instituto Kilimanjaro (“Kilimanjaro”) is located in Monterrey in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico. The school provides classes from preschool through junior high, and serves over 600 students with approximately 85 staff members. Kilimanjaro is part of a larger international network of schools called Semper Altius, developed by the Legionaries of Christ, with over 60 schools in 20 countries around the world. Kilimanjaro recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, honoring its method of integral education to not only prepare students academically, but to become model citizens.

The Challenge

Kilimanjaro had installed some wireless access points at the school previously, but the school was experiencing severe issues with connectivity, and was unable to support students and faculty on the network. As an interim solution, Kilimanjaro set up a computer lab to accommodate certain classes, but obviously this was not a long-term nor viable campus-wide solution.

With its existing Cisco technology not able to support more than a few devices at a time, Kilimanjaro began to explore other options for deploying a reliable and comprehensive wireless solution.

The Solution

Kilimanjaro looked at solutions from Aruba and Cisco before selecting Aerohive based on its superior compatibility with Apple devices, the education-specific features of the platform, and the cloud-based network management offering.

The school deployed Aerohive AP130, AP230 and AP1130 access points, installing wireless access in every classroom and office, as well as the preschool playground and patio area for outdoor access. The IT team uses HiveManager Online, which has facilitated comprehensive monitoring and control over the network, with access in the cloud to easily perform functions such as blocking social media for students and allocating bandwidth priority to teachers. The school has separate networks for teachers and has also segmented students by elementary and junior high levels, giving different sets of permissions for each group.

An instrumental reason for selecting Aerohive was the Aerohive TeacherView application, a feature that enables instructors to view student status of all devices in a particular classroom. The teacher can enable or disable Internet access, and redirect students to a specific Web resource. This simple-to-use tool allows teachers at Kilimanjaro to use iPads to monitor and introduce classroom activities.

Since deploying Aerohive, Kilimanjaro has moved many functions to the wireless network, as well as started new initiatives previously not realized due to lack of a reliable wireless network. Elementary students now utilize a classroom solely set up with Wegoo, an app that works in conjunction with Kinect to set interactive learning in motion in subjects like math, science and English. Teachers access Office365 and Educamos to record grades, plan lessons and schedule conferences. At all levels, teachers use Apple TVs on the wireless network and set up seamless videoconferences with other students, colleagues and schools. The preschool classes have held science fairs in outdoor patio locations, using tablets or laptops for presentation. Outdoor areas are also used for showcasing student work to parents, with wireless connectivity to drive presentations.

Parents and other guests enjoy an open guest network and junior high students are encouraged to bring their own devices to augment classroom work and will eventually access individual Office365 accounts, authenticating easily onto Wi-Fi.



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