Lake County Schools
Lake County Schools Replaces Cisco to Enable Personalized Learning and Mobility with Aerohive’s Cloud-Based Wireless Network

Why Aerohive Was Selected

  • Ability to expand and grow wireless network incrementally
  • Cost savings of over 50 percent by moving away from Cisco
  • Network management using an on premises appliance gives flexibility to Technology team managing numerous sites over 1000 square miles

Lake County Schools Replaces Cisco to Enable Personalized Learning and Mobility with Aerohive’s Cloud-Based Wireless Network

About Lake County Schools

Lake County Schools (LCS), located in Central Florida, is a diverse district with both urban and rural areas, with industry spanning a broad range from agriculture to Disney entertainment. LCS ranks as the 19th largest school district in the state of Florida with approximately 60 physical sites and serves a population of approximately 46,000 students from Pre-K through 12th grade, as well as adult students. With approximately 7,000 Administrators, Teachers and Staff over 1,156 square miles with over 1,000 lakes and 202 square miles of water, students, faculty, and staff rely heavily on the Information and Instructional Technology Services (IITS) infrastructure and services.

The Challenge

As a large and diverse school district, LCS was facing increased demand for connecting more and more devices, but budget constraints prevented the district from either adding more wired connections or adding additional costly controllers to its existing controller-based wireless network.

Lake County was facing requirements for state online testing, BYOD demands, and greater overall integration of technology and mobile devices used in conjunction with blended learning classrooms. The District had also recently transitioned to a VoIP phone system, and is in the process of migrating from analog to digital security cameras in the schools.

Overall, LCS did not have a standardized wireless solution provider, making the network difficult to manage across numerous sites, with thousands of tablets, workstations and printers. Having a controller-based solution required all traffic to pass through the controller, causing the network to be slow, unreliable and difficult to support.

The Solution

LCS began to look at upgrading and overhauling the existing wireless infrastructure, working in conjunction with Aerohive reseller Insight. With additional grant funding secured, LCS began to explore options for a comprehensive solution. Lake County realized it could save roughly 50 percent of total cost of ownership because the Aerohive wireless network platform did not require centralized controllers and costly licensing fees. Being a district that is one of the most poorly funded in the state, meeting strict budget requirements was paramount.

Lake County deployed Aerohive AP121, AP330 and AP230 access points, as well as Aerohive BR100 branch routers and SR2024 switches. The District uses Aerohive’s HiveManager On-Premises to monitor and manage all network devices. Branch routers attach to a VPN concentrator to authenticate users across all sites. The Technology team has segmented users in the network, giving greater permissions for teachers and staff, and setting strict parameters for students. Lake County uses Aerohive’s ID Manager to provide guest network access, including connectivity at sporting events, PTO meetings and other community events hosted at the local schools.

Lake County has implemented 6,000 access points and is pursuing additional E-rate funding over the course of the next several years to provide an AP in every classroom. Since deploying Aerohive, Lake County has met BYOD demands, increased personalized learning programs and supported collaboration and project-based learning. Various interactive devices such as Samsung LED devices, Smart Boards, BrightLink projectors and other technology augment classroom learning, and administrators can use mobile devices for faculty review and assessment. In addition, the District now conducts training and meetings online via video conferencing, saving time and expense by not requiring long commutes.



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