Miami Jewish Health
Largest Geriatric Care Provider in Southeast Selects Aerohive to Run Complex Wireless Healthcare Solutions

Why Aerohive

  • Aerohive’s PPSK feature was a driving factor to ensuring greater security for specific devices
  • PoE capabilities did not require second power supply or additional switches, providing a cost advantage
  • Coverage was exceptional and heat mapping and site survey tools delivered great results, especially for voice requirements
  • HiveManager NG enabled remote management in the cloud and complete network visibility for simplified troubleshooting

Largest Geriatric Care Provider in Southeast Selects Aerohive to Run Complex Wireless Healthcare Solutions

About Miami Jewish Health

Miami Jewish Health was founded in Miami, Florida in 1940 and is committed to meeting its mission of offering compassionate, quality healthcare to seniors through its varied healthcare programs and services. While it first started as a nursing home, Miami Jewish Health now serves more than 12,000 patients at four sites, offering programs in rehabilitation, medical care and research, and residential living facilities which provide assisted and independent living.

More than 800 employees take part in programs for elder care, hospice and memory care, as well as managed care in homes. Two thirds of all program participants live at home, reflecting the shift in preference for medical care in the comfort of a home or home-like environment. With a new site to break ground later this year, Miami Jewish Health is an innovative leader as both the smallest hospital in the state of Florida, and also the largest geriatric care facility in the southeastern United States.

The Challenge

As geriatric care has begun to lean more toward a hospitality setting than a hospital setting, the 10-person IT team at Miami Jewish Health recognized the need to upgrade its wireless network across all locations, including 15 physical sites. The existing solution did not utilize 802.11ac access points and the healthcare provider also required additional security features and higher availability. Network management needed to move to the cloud as the wireless network was growing and demand was increasing due to technologies like RFID scanning and real time tracking.

While acute healthcare providers are often in step with the technology curve, geriatric care providers are traditionally slower to adopt latest technologies. Despite this trend, Miami Jewish had a wireless solution in place, however, network management was cumbersome and the infrastructure could not handle VoIP phones, due to requirements for greater signal strength and capacity for voice traffic compared to basic data. In addition, the growing number of devices such as laptops on medical carts and the use of multiple Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications, made for a more complex environment and expedited the need for an upgrade.


Miami Jewish Health began to evaluate different wireless solution providers, including Meraki, Meru and Ruckus; choosing Aerohive for future scalability and capability to implement new technology. Aerohive also won out on price performance and demonstrated exceptional support in the planning process giving Miami Jewish Health confidence that Aerohive would continue to be a true partner.

Miami Jewish Health deployed Aerohive AP250 and AP1130 access points across all facilities, including residential campuses equipped with outdoor Wi-Fi access to provide continuous coverage. HiveManager NG is implemented for next-generation cloud network management, which was so intuitive the healthcare provider was able to have an intern on his first week at the company help with the deployment rollout.

A significant feature with Aerohive was context-aware user policies, such as WIPS policy to detect and mitigate rogue access points, providing a pivotal advantage for healthcare security. Miami Jewish Health also uses Aerohive’s PPSK feature to issue unique authentication keys to individual devices or groups of users on the same SSID, which will only grow to be more useful as it rolls out additional healthcare solutions, and was a key reason for choosing Aerohive. There is a guest network, critical for an aging population and memory care facilities, and a separate SSID for healthcare staff and clinical systems running on a separate VLAN for secure data traffic segregation.

With so many levels of service and care, Miami Jewish Health is balancing five EHR solutions, from hospitals and clinics to PACE nursing care, with tailored software solutions for each setting.