Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Selects Aerohive to Implement Wi-Fi Connectivity in All 13 Stores Across Taiwan


  • Identify Wi-Fi solution to meet requirements of Taiwan’s most fashionable and popular department store with 13 stores in seven cities.
  • Meet requirements of providing outstanding yet cost effective solution.
  • Provide connectivity for both shoppers and sales staff on all floors.


  • Wi-Fi networks installed smoothly and swiftly, with store operations continuing as normal.
  • With over 900 access points, the Wi-Fi networks serve 90,000 clients, and can be managed from a central interface.
  • In-store Wi-Fi facilitates use of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi App and push advertisements, along with collection information to process using big data analytics providing an enhanced shopper experience and delivering valuable data back to the retailers

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Selects Aerohive to Implement Wi-Fi Connectivity in All 13 Stores Across Taiwan

About Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is Taiwan’s most fashionable and popular department store with 13 stores in seven cities. Each day, the stores may receive over 250,000 visits, by customers served by a team of well-trained, welcoming staff.

More than simply a beautiful shopping venue, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is the place to find over 1900 fashionable brands in boutique goods, cosmetics, accessories, cutting edge 3C products, and foods from around the world. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi offers visitors a truly unique experience, featuring iinternational and boutique brands, fashionable clothing and authentic Taiwanese foods, along with magnificent architecture and design, exciting cultural and artistic activities, plus unique combination of fashion and green living space.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi stores include Taipei Xinyi Place, in the upscale commercial area near Taipei 101, comprising four uniquely different department store plazas connected by covered sky bridges.

The Challenge

While Shin Kong Mitsukoshi has deep roots in Taiwan, and has thrived since its origins with a single outlet in 1945, the store continues evolving to meet the changing needs of customers and ensure sales staff always deliver a premium shopping experience.

Today, this means ensuring Wi-Fi connectivity throughout stores - as a service to customers wishing to stay connected in the online world, but also to optimise business through use of the Shin Kong Mitsukosi app, and connect sales staff.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi required an international standard, professionally installed network that would be cost effective, and from a service provider that can assist with analyzing and mining a wealth of data to optimise sales and customer retention.


Within just six months, 900 Aerohive access points were installed in all Shin Kong Mitsukoshi’s 13 department stores. Thanks to careful planning, the implementation went smoothly, and the networks can serve up to 90,000 clients simultaneously, with minimal black spots in stores.

While customers can access typical online services - such as websites and social media, the Wi-Fi networks also allow them to use Shin Kong Mistukoshi’s app, to enhance their shopping experience. Push advertisements enable real-time promotions, such as special discounts, and informing customers about hot new product lines.

Additionally, the networks provide sales staff with another channel for using the POS system. A key benefit is that it releases staff from having to spend long hours by tills; instead, they can move within stores to best serve customers, and boost sales.

Though geographically spread, the Aerohive solution is easily managed, through a simple yet rich interface, with centralized management from Shin Kong Mitsukoshi’s head office. A remote debug function is a great help on occasions when there are issues with a Wi-Fi access point or network. The centralized control and decentralized architecture have led to considerable savings on costs for on-site maintenance.


Future Expansion

While there are no plans to significantly increase network coverage, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi will continue expanding its usage of and reliance on the Aerohive solution.

Notably, the system is already providing a wealth of information on traffic in stores, and this plus other data will be used for big data analytics, to help Shin Kong Mitsukoshi to customize promotion for different types of visitors, such as VIP members, new or frequent visitors.

Aerohive will work closely with Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in tailoring an enhanced API interface that will enable work on data analysis, and make the Marketplace APP, a more effective tool for sales and promotions. In the near future, the Wifi networks will serve as the foundation for a next generation management platform.