Burgerville Deploys Aerohive for Secure and Robust Retail Networking Solution


  • Upgrade consumer-grade wireless to enterprise-class WLAN andbranch office retail solution
  • Secure and robust network to enable PCI compliance
  • VPN with enterprise features and functionality
  • Prioritize corporate and guest connectivity for flawless experience


  • Fully PCI compliant in all restaurant operations
  • Reliable enterprise-class wireless and branch office solution with centralized management using Aerohive Branch on Demand
  • Ability to prioritize network access for guests, corporate usersand applications
  • Enhanced customer experience and retail analytics capabilities

Burgerville Deploys Aerohive for Secure and Robust Retail Networking Solution


Established in 1961, Burgerville is an innovative and industry-leading quick service restaurant company with 39 locations throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. 1,500 employees strong, Burgerville provides fresh, great-tasting food to guests all day every day from breakfast to late-night snacks based in its mission “serve with love.” At Burgerville, the commitment to fresh, local and sustainable values is about helping people and communities thrive.

The food Burgerville serves originates from a long list of renowned Burgerville suppliers recognized for the finest tasting, fresh, all-natural, hormone-free and antibiotic-free food. Burgerville serves Country Natural beef, Coleman Natural chicken, Niman Ranch bacon, ham and sausage, Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal, Stiebrs Farms cage free eggs, Chez Marie vegetarian patties, Liepold Farms fresh berries and Diestel Farms turkey. Its menu changes seasonally and showcases local ingredients.

Burgerville is known for its dedication to sustainable energy including using 100% wind power at all its restaurants and company headquarters. Burgerville also converts its used trans fat-free canola oil from its fryers to biodiesel.

In 2011, the company launched BV Radio, a radio station showcasing Northwest musicians heard at every restaurant location as well as streamed live from the Internet. The company also operates its own mobile food truck called the Nomad, which is able to serve food at local community events and festivals.

The Challenge

Dave Tallbut worked directly for Burgerville for over seven years before joining local managed services company PavelComm, a technology company and Aerohive reseller primarily focused on the Oregon and Washington markets. His direct experience at Burgerville, as well as his familiarity and knowledge of wireless infrastructure across a variety of industries, allowed him to bring a deep level of expertise and understanding to meet Burgerville’s specific challenges.

Burgerville required an upgrade from its consumer-class wireless product that simply wasn’t reliable at its headquarters and restaurant locations. Besides poor connectivity and complaints from guests, Burgerville needed a solution that would have enterprise- grade security features for PCI compliancy, as well as centralized management capabilities for its VPN. Whenever a restaurant would have issues or guests could not connect to the Wi-Fi, IT staff would have to be deployed or a third party IT company would be called to service the location.

Burgerville also required monitoring and manageability of its network, which the consumer-class product did not provide. Burgerville used Cisco for its VPN but it did not provide the manageability and flexibility the company desired. Burgerville wanted visibility and monitoring capabilities, as well as reporting and control features.

In addition, the company is undertaking several new initiatives for its restaurants that require robust and resilient wireless access that its current network simply cannot support. Burgerville plans to move away from traditional terminals at restaurant counters to deploy new Point of Sale (POS) wireless tablet devices running POSitouch application from Restaurant Data Concepts. The company wants to better understand guests through retail analytics, as well as offer more opportunities to directly interact with Burgerville at its restaurant locations. Digital signage has been introduced at its Tigard restaurant that invites guests to post Tweets or Instagram posts, as well as stream content for local events and news on a digital community reader board.


Dave Tallbut had experience with many wireless solution providers, and first heard about Aerohive through Apple. Burgerville was initially using products from Cisco that had reached end of life, but to upgrade the network using routers and controllers from Cisco or Aruba would mean increased cost and complexity with greater risk of a single point of failure. When Burgerville approached PavelComm, it knew Aerohive’s controller-less wireless and networking solution was the ideal solution for the company.

PCI compliancy was the main driver for Burgerville’s network infrastructure. Aerohive offered active directory authentication, a key requirement for PCI compliance, allowing corporate employees to authenticate back to corporate at restaurant locations, a capability Burgerville never had previously. In addition, the new POS solution required enterprise-class Wi-Fi, robust and resilient enough to support the POS application and tablet devices.

Burgerville first deployed Aerohive access points at its corporate headquarters with its leadership team and staff. When the wireless issues went away after implementing Aerohive, the company was enthusiastic to roll out Aerohive to all its restaurant locations. The company chose to deploy cloud-enabled Aerohive BR200 routers, ideal for environments that require robust security and performance, for each restaurant location and its mobile food truck. The Aerohive routers provide VPN connectivity to the corporate network, as well as Wi-Fi for restaurant employees. Burgerville also implemented Aerohive AP121 dual radio access points in the dining rooms at each restaurant location, supporting multiple types of clients and ideally suited for a BYOD environment. Burgerville has offered Wi-Fi in its locations for some time, but without security and manageability that it now has from Aerohive.

Burgerville is using HiveManager Online to manage all Aerohive branch routers and access points, allowing the company to update configurations simultaneously in the cloud, as well as exploit a variety of enterprise-class features available from Aerohive. Burgerville is a great example of Aerohive’s Branch on Demand solution, combining branch router platforms, HiveOS router capabilities, cloud-enabled VPN gateway, and the Aerohive Cloud Services Platform. Aerohive’s Cloud VPN Gateway is running VMware Virtual Machine, enabling simplified management for its VPN, and eliminating the need for static IP routes. “The unique way Aerohive has designed its branch networking architecture is far superior – the Aerohive devices only need to check in and connect, making an ideal solution for a retailer like Burgerville with numerous branch offices,” explained Tallbut.

HiveOS has many built-in features such as active directory integration and full QoS to help Burgerville prioritize traffic and devices, as well as allow priority on the network for its employees and applications. The company will eventually establish three different networks, one for guests, another for corporate employees, and a third designated for POS applications and transactions. The Bonjour Gateway feature will be used in future operations to simplify management of iPads employees use for restaurant operations. Eventually, Burgerville hopes to use Apple devices to conduct inventory wirelessly in stockrooms and freezers.

Burgerville is also able to prioritize applications and have more control over its guest network. Application Visibility & Control functionality will further allow Burgerville to customize control and reporting based on user identity, device type, location and time. Integrated captive portal pages entice guests with coupons, display new product offerings and invite guests to accept privacy before connecting to the network.


“When you don’t hear from people, you know the network is working,” exclaims Dave Tallbut. From the initial corporate deployment, Burgerville employees and guests have enjoyed enterprise-class Wi-Fi for all its retail operations, with no single point of failure and cloud-enabled management. The company conducts training at its corporate headquarters for up to 100 district managers at a time, which is now fully driven by the wireless network.

The Aerohive access points provide robust connectivity, even allowing Burgerville to use wireless ordering devices outside in drive-thru lines, and using Wi-Fi at events and outdoor eating areas in Burgerville parking lots, such as sponsored car shows in the parking lot to support local fundraising. Aerohive branch routers are deployed on Burgerville’s Nomad food truck, allowing for a fully functioning restaurant on wheels with POS capabilities.

Burgerville can now give BV Radio the highest network priority at restaurant locations so there are no issues of silence or cutting out, which has made a big difference for stores. Burgerville now is poised to expand the radio offerings to be more interactive, inviting guests to come in and link up with BV radio to suggest songs or artists for review and shuffle playlists wirelessly.

Burgerville is now fully PCI compliant, a huge boon for the company. Burgerville is audited by third party TrustWave as part of the stipulations for being a Level 2 merchant. As the company took steps to be PCI compliant, TrustWave stated in its formal report that the Aerohive infrastructure would be the ideal solution for Burgerville to meet all PCI compliancy standards.

At its newest restaurant in Tigard, Oregon, Burgerville recently deployed its first digital signage from Wireless Ronin Technologies that streams content for guests such as local news, events and community information. Guests can use Twitter and Instagram to tweet and tag to appear on the community wall featuring user- generated content and messages. Burgerville looks forward to expanding this technology to additional restaurants.

HiveManager Online has allowed the company to update configurations simultaneously, without the time and expense of rolling a truck and deploying IT staff to individual locations, along with guaranteeing every restaurant have the same configuration. Ease of deployment is saving Burgerville time and expense with simple plug and play installation. Aerohive network infrastructure also allows Burgerville to prioritize credit card transactions and POS traffic, and place limits on the guest network. With more robust reporting and monitoring capabilities, Burgerville will have a better understanding of guest activity. The company plans to use Aerohive’s built in retail analytics in the near future to better understand guest loyalty. Burgerville plans to leverage its Burgerville Rewards card, which currently invites guests to register for exclusive offers and giveaways, in combination with additional behavior insights and analytical tools from Aerohive. Advanced retail metrics will enable Burgerville to compare data across restaurant locations and make improvements for greater productivity.

Simplified Network for Innovative Restaurant Operations

Many retailers like Burgerville might presume wireless infrastructure, especially with complex issues of security and PCI compliance, cannot be simplified. Aerohive knows differently.

“Regardless of the industry, from medical, education to retail, Aerohive is ideal for enterprise-class Wi-Fi,” said Dave Tallbut. “Aerohive offered an ideal retail solution for Burgerville, allowing the company to offer flawless WLAN to guests, be fully PCI compliant and take advantage of a host of enterprise features for greater productivity and enhanced customer experience.”

Leveraging the same network infrastructure to provide access to the corporate network at restaurant locations, secure access to retail applications, as well as robust guest Wi-Fi access is an ideal Burgerville has achieved.