Cooperstown Central School District

Why was Aerohive Selected

  • Aerohive’s cloud-enabled networking and controller-less architecture seamlessly supports Cooperstown Central School District’s 1to1 initiative.
  • Aerohive’s HiveManager Online provides Cooperstown Central School District with real-time visibility and information to simplify troubleshooting across distributed environments. With HiveManager Online, CCSD has the ability to centrally manage the network and easily access the system from any Internet connected device.
  • Aerohive also offered a solution that enabled a simple migration to 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi, whether upgrading incrementally to address existing capacity issues or installing a completely new 802.11ac network.
  • Aerohive offered Cooperstown Central School District the most comprehensive, cost effective, flexible cloud networking solution compared to all of the other considered vendors including Cisco, D-Link and Aruba Networks.

Cooperstown Central School District Supports Google Chromebook 1to1 Initiative with Aerohive’s Cloud-Enabled Wi-Fi

Home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown Central School District (CCSD) is located in upstate NY and serves over 900 students with over 120 faculty members across grades K-12 in Otsego County. The Cooperstown Central School District is a partnership of students, parents, teachers, staff and all other community members. The school’s mission is to provide a caring environment that motivates students to pursue individual excellence and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for continual growth.

The Challenge

Prior to deploying Aerohive, Cooperstown Central School District was using D-Link that provided some wireless coverage, but it was not pervasive and lacked in network management functionality. CCSD was leveraging individual D-Link routers across each classroom, which required IT to go through numerous, tedious steps to make any changes to a network point, proving to be extremely time consuming and difficult. CCSD also lacked ubiquitous, widespread coverage with the D-Link units, a capability frequently requested by the faculty, students and community. With a highly involved community, it was extremely important for CCSD to find a networking solution that could provide secure guest access. In addition, CCSD was looking for a wireless infrastructure that could seamlessly support their 1to1 program with limited IT budget and staff. Faced with these requirements, Mark LaValley, network administrator at Cooperstown Central School District, began his search for a robust, wireless solution.


Cooperstown Central School District worked closely with GovConnection to evaluate traditional networking vendors including Cisco, and Aruba Networks before selecting Aerohive. Ultimately, Aerohive was chosen for its simple, secure, cost-effective controller-less architecture providing IT with centralized management, control and complete visibility into the network. Cooperstown Central School District is currently utilizing Aerohive’s HiveManager Online and AP121s across campus.



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