Dari Mart

Why Was Aerohive Selected

  • Aerohive provides a unified networking solution that will easily scale as Dari Mart expands its Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • HiveManager Online enables Dari Mart to centrally manage and monitor its network from the cloud.
  • Robust features from Aerohive, including integrated Google Maps, create efficiency and simplified management for Dari Mart, even at the network edge
  • Aerohive provides a cost-effective solution with built in retail analytics to meet the needs of Dari Mart.

Convenience Store Deploys Aerohive Switches

Located throughout central Oregon, Dari Mart operates 45 convenience stores with 500 employees. Started in 1965, Dari Mart is a family business and prides itself on delivering the most natural and freshest milk products to its stores. It accomplishes this via 48-hour delivery to each of its stores from its company-owned dairy, Lochmead Farms, one of the largest independent dairy farms in the Pacific Northwest. The stores offer hot and healthy snacks in a family friendly environment, including fresh sandwiches, salads, healthy drinks and yummy treats like Lochmead Farms ice cream.

The Challenge

In the last year, Dari Mart began to evaluate its network architecture, and explore the best options for an eventual wireless network across all operations in its headquarters and retail locations. While the company is not yet poised to convert all operations to wireless, the company plans to implement Wi-Fi with full PCI compliancy in the coming year with Aerohive access points.

Dari Mart needed to upgrade its current Cisco switches, which it was outgrowing due to the 8 port limitation. The need was urgent because the company recently implemented network-based video cameras, video menu boards, as well as refrigeration units that utilize a wired thermometer module. Dari Mart also uses ShoreTel phones at every retail location, requiring additional Ethernet port availability. Back office computers, registers and DVRs are also connected to the network.


Dari Mart worked closely with Aerohive reseller FusionStorm and was impressed by the Aerohive SR2024 switches, providing a 24-port Gigabit Ethernet access switch with four additional 1 Gigabit SFP ports. Eight Ethernet ports support high-power Power over Ethernet Plus (802.3at PoE+). Dari Mart has Aerohive switches in all 45 retail locations, even employing the switch as a back up router as needed to connect back to headquarters.

In addition, the company wanted a solution with unified management once Dari Mart is positioned to convert operations to wireless in the coming year. Aerohive provided a solution that was centrally managed through HiveManager Online cloud service, giving Dari Mart the ability to monitor and control its switches from headquarters, a huge advantage when retail operations are spread across a 60-mile radius and managed by a small IT team. The company is currently evaluating Aerohive AP121 access points, and once the company is poised to deploy Wi-Fi, the unified management from Aerohive will quickly enable the company to take advantage of enterprise features across its entire network from a central location.