Daybreak Venture


  • Deploy wireless network to more than 75 facilities across large geographic area, often with dated infrastructure 
  • Deliver secure network solution to meet HIPAA regulations and ensure patient privacy
  • Centralize management and control of wireless network
  • Provide robust and reliable guest network for residents and visitors


  • Installed controller-less Wi-Fi solution with centralized management
  • Residents and visitors enjoy ubiquitous Wi-Fi in locations
  • Medical staff can now access EHR and deliver superior patient care
  • Secure network solution assures privacy and data protection

Long-Term Care Provider Deploys Aerohive for Delivering Optimum Patient Care

Founded in 1991, Daybreak Venture provides long-term and rehabilitative care, offering services for skilled nursing, hospice, respite care and long-term care. With 75 facilities in Texas and four in Missouri, the health care provider is the largest in Texas, with facilities of all sizes, from small 40-bed communities to sites with more than 200 residents. The organization has more than 5,400 employees and revenues of over $300M.

With headquarters in Denton, Texas, Daybreak Venture is not committed to be the largest health care provider; but to be the best. Recently the organization has leveraged technology to deliver greater patient services and innovative programs for its residents.

The Challenge

Daybreak Venture had Cisco technology on site, but at less than 20 locations. The organization recognized it did not want to spend additional resources for Cisco WLAN controllers. The health care provider needed to upgrade to a controller-less solution that would enable the organization to implement a comprehensive Wi-Fi plan.

Many of the residential nursing homes at Daybreak Venture were built more than 30 years ago and the organization faced issues of construction challenges and density concerns, making a wireless network even more critical when certain facilities had difficulty even deploying a wired network.

Daybreak Venture needed a networking solution with centralized management, since it operates not only a large number of facilities, but the sites are also geographically dispersed. Wi-Fi is crucial to delivering accurate and enhanced patient care and Daybreak Venture needed to meet plans for new technologies, including kiosks to access electronic health care records and tablets for mobile patient care. A wireless solution with security features to enable the organization to meet HIPAA privacy concerns and regulations was also imperative.

In addition, residents and their families needed reliable Wi-Fi for guest access, as families come to visit frequently and expect Wi-Fi to be readily available. As families evaluate a facility for their loved ones, one of the most commonly asked questions asked is if the homes offer Wi-Fi to residents and guests.


Daybreak Venture evaluated several network solution providers before choosing Aerohive’s controller-less solution. The strong feature set, management tools and security features from Aerohive were especially valuable. John Valker, CIO of Daybreak Venture explains, “The decision to choose Aerohive was easy. Not only did Aerohive give us a better return on investment, the initial cost for deployment was less and the superior management interface from Aerohive made the decision to move away from controllers even easier.”

Daybreak Venture has deployed Aerohive AP121 access points across its locations, with plans to conclude the full rollout in the next year. Since each facility operates rather independently and with different names, traffic is routed separately and to protect HIPAA privacy concerns, traffic comes first back to the central office and then out to the Internet. Daybreak Venture has enhanced security through Aerohive’s on-device RADIUS with active directory support, available on each access point.

Separate guest networks welcome visitors at each location with captive web portal and the networks are completely open, operating 24/7/365. Staff and residents at certain locations use VoIP for employee communications and as a phone service for its residents.

Daybreak Venture uses MatrixCare for electronic health records, a cloud-based EHR specifically designed for the long-term care continuum to improve clinical workflow and provide increased oversight. Kiosks are now set up with touch screen PCs to enter data and patient information such as medication activities, vitals, notes and updates on patients.


Now with a wireless network in place from Aerohive, Daybreak Venture has installed Point of Care workstations in order to bring documentation closer to patients. By being closer to residents, information is more up to date and accuracy is ensured, enabling staff to work in hallways and deliver care efficiently. Doctors can now look at EHR remotely, ensuring privacy and yet allowing medical staff to respond effectively and quickly.

Daybreak Venture is pleased to offer reliable guest access to its residents and visitors. Families often watch videos together, access social media and email, share pictures and use apps like Netflix and YouTube on a regular basis. The organization is now proud to meet patient and guest demand for Wi-Fi across all of its facilities.

HiveManager on site has allowed the health care provider to monitor and manage the network, with an intuitive interface that all IT staff can easily learn and use without extensive training.

Future Healthcare Mobility

Daybreak Venture has several projects underway that will improve patient care and utilize the network from Aerohive. Included in future plans is a tablet rollout, putting over 500 tablets in the hands of medical personnel to carry from room to room.

“From enabling us to install Point of Care work stations to putting plans in place for medical personnel to use tablets in their daily care routines, Daybreak Venture is more than pleased with the wireless solution from Aerohive,” states CIO John Valker. “We highly recommend Aerohive to any medical provider that wants to offer not only enhanced medical care and greater oversight, but to provide Wi-Fi for residents and guests. Daybreak Venture chose Aerohive for its controller-less architecture that has proven to meet our requirements across the board.”

The organization is currently in the middle of the Aerohive deployment, with all locations to have wireless capabilities in the next several months. Daybreak Venture is also evaluating video capabilities in its common areas that will run over the wireless network. With a firm foundation in place, the care provider is well positioned for future growth and development.