Diocese of San Bernardino

Why Was Aerohive Selected

  • Aerohive offered the most comprehensive, cost effective, flexible cloud networking solution.
  • With HiveManager Online, the Diocese of San Bernardino has the ability to centrally manage the network and can easily access the system from any Internet connected device. 
  • Built on the HiveOS operating system, Aerohive’s SR platform offers state-of-the art gigabit switching.
  • The integrated support for their AirWatch MDM product provides the Diocese of San Bernardino with a robust, comprehensive solution for managing iPads to support their 1to1 initiative. 

Aerohive ‘Saves’ Diocese of San Bernardino with Robust Wireless Solution

The Diocese of San Bernardino was established in 1978 by Pope Paul VI. It services over 1.2 million Catholics and spans across San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Prior to 1978, San Bernardino and Riverside counties were part of the Diocese of San Diego. There are a total of 29 Catholic schools within the Diocese of San Bernardino including three high schools, 23 K-8 schools and three pre-schools. The diocesan strives to fill lives with hope and focuses on areas of greatest concern including youth, evangelization, unity in diversity, stewardship of resources, leadership and organizational structures.

The Challenge

Prior to Aerohive, none of the 29 schools falling within the Diocese of San Bernardino possessed a solid wireless infrastructure. Without an enterprise-class Wi-Fi solution, this environment posed several network management limitations to IT including inconsistent device management. In addition, the Diocese of San Bernardino was looking to deploy a 1to1 program – providing one iPad for every one student – at several of the schools, and the previous wireless infrastructure was not able to support this important initiative. These issues, coupled with limited IT budget and, staff made it clear that the Diocese needed to find an enterprise-grade wireless solution. Faced with these requirements, Dale Jonasson, director of information technology services, began his search for a robust Wi-Fi solution.


The Diocese of San Bernardino worked closely with Altaware to evaluate traditional networking vendors including Cisco, Meraki and Aruba Networks before selecting Aerohive. Ultimately, Aerohive was chosen for its cloud-based, cost-effective wireless solution that provided central network management. In addition, Aerohive was the only vendor that offered a truly cloud-based solution. The Diocese of San Bernardino is currently utilizing Aerohive’s AP120s, AP330s, HiveManager Online, ID Manager, and SR2024s for their network solution which also provides integrated enrollment support for their AirWatch MDM (mobile device management) solution.



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