Fullerton School District

Why Aerohive Was Selected

  • Aerohive’s cost-effective controller-less solution provides the performance, availability, management, mobility and security needed in a large school district.
  • Aerohive’s “smart” access points are manufactured with built-in intelligence to operate without a controller, which reduces the cost and complexity of deployment.
  • Aerohive’s HiveManager is a centralized network management interface that provides customers with real-time topology, performance and client information to simplify troubleshooting and capacity planning. HiveManager allows Fullerton to control all access points across the district, even if the Internet is down.
  • Built on the Aerohive HiveOS platform, Aerohive’s SR switches offer state-of-the-art Gigabit switching. The switches provide Fullerton School District with the ability to remotely configure and manage cloud-based services such as on-demand provisioning and hands-free configuration and updates.
  • Aerohive’s Bonjour Gateway vastly simplifies the support and management of Apple compatible devices across an entire network.

Tech-Savvy Fullerton School District Enhances 21st-Century Classrooms with Aerohive’s Robust, Reliable Wireless Solution

Fullerton is a full-service city renowned for its unique mix of residential, commercial, industrial, educational and cultural environments and is located approximately 20 miles southeast of Los Angeles. One of the largest cities in Orange County, Fullerton’s population is about 139,000, with a student population of approximately 14,000 and 1,100 faculty members. Fullerton School District is comprised of 20 schools including 15 elementary schools (grades K-6), 3 traditional junior high schools (grades 7-8) and 2 K-8 schools. The school district works collaboratively with the community to provide an innovative and high-quality 21st century education program for all students, empowering students to achieve academic excellence, acquire interpersonal skills and develop advanced technological expertise to contribute as productive citizens in a democratic society.

The Challenge

When Fullerton School District first implemented a 1to1 laptop initiative12 years ago, it relied on a basic Apple wireless device to provide wireless access to the network. Later in the implementation, Fullerton switched to Cisco access points throughout the District and used Cisco switches on the backend. As technology became more ingrained in learning programs nationwide, the number of laptops and iOS devices leveraged by Fullerton School District exponentially grew from 1872 to over 9,000. Unfortunately, as more devices joined the network, network management with the previous Cisco solution became extremely difficult and expensive to manage. Additionally, Fullerton School District adopted the Common Core State Standards and needed a reliable wireless network to support online student assessment testing. Faced with these issues, Sam Ricchio, assistant director, technology and media services at Fullerton School District, began his search for a wireless solution that was cost effective, easy to deploy, could easily monitor and manage connectivity to accommodate the influx of mobile devices on every campus across the district.


Fullerton School District evaluated traditional Wi-Fi networking vendors including Meraki and Aruba Networks before selecting Aerohive. Ultimately, Aerohive was chosen for its locally-hosted, cost-effective wired and wireless solution that provided centralized management, control and complete visibility into the network. Fullerton School District replaced all Cisco access points and edge switches district-wide with Aerohive’s AP121 access points and SR2124P switches in addition to utilizing Aerohive’s HiveManager Network Management System and Bonjour Gateway feature.



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