Galveston Independent School District

Why Aerohive Was Selected

  • Aerohive’s “smart” access points are manufactured with built-in intelligence to operate without a controller, which reduced the cost, complexity and labor intensity of deployment.
  • Aerohive’s cloud-enabled networking and controller-less architecture supports State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) online testing.
  • Aerohive’s HiveManager Online provides client and performance information to simplify troubleshooting and capacity planning. In addition, the web-based application interface allows remote access management of Aerohive devices – anytime, anywhere – providing GISD absolute control over who and what is accessing the network at all times.

Galveston Independent School District Expands Teaching and Learning Capabilities Providing Support for BYOD, Online Testing with Aerohive

Established in 1884, Galveston, Texas public schools were initially governed by the City of Galveston until 1949 when the Texas legislature created the Galveston Independent School District (GISD) for the express purpose of providing a free public education to the children of the community.

With a student population of nearly 7,000 and 650 teachers, the district spans 14 campuses and is comprised of one high school, three middle schools, seven elementary schools and one Pre-K-8 school. The district also offers alternative education and accelerated programs for elementary, middle and high school students. Galveston Independent School District provides an education that helps each student reach his maximum potential, and graduates each student with the capability of positively contributing to tomorrow’s society.

The Challenge

Prior to Aerohive, Galveston Independent School District was leveraging Cisco’s controller-based wireless solution at four elementary campuses and one middle school. However, faced with the explosion of mobile devices used by both students and faculty, and also state mandates to convert to online testing, the school district realized the inherent need to expand wireless access across all campuses. But, when John Mathis, management information systems director at GISD, began looking to provide service throughout the district, he found licensing, efficiency and pricing issues with the current controller-based Cisco infrastructure. As a result, Mathis began the search for a cost-effective, cloud-based, robust and reliable solution with sufficient bandwidth to conduct online testing that could also accommodate the influx of mobile devices on the network.


Galveston Independent School District worked closely with CDWG to evaluate traditional Wi-Fi networking vendors including Meraki before selecting Aerohive. Ultimately, Aerohive was chosen for its scalable, cost-effective controller-less solution that was able to work with GISD’s existing wireless infrastructure. Additionally, Aerohive provided IT with centralized management, control and complete visibility into the network. Currently, GISD is utilizing Aerohive’s HiveManager Online Network Management System, and has also deployed 100 Aerohive AP230 802.11ac access points and 250 Aerohive AP330 access points across eight of its 14 campuses.



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