• Connectivity for 4000 + Zelfscan checkout terminals across 52 of its supermarkets
  • Connectivity for 62 discount terminals across all 62 supermarkets
  • Connectivity for 62 Zebra QL220 + printers across all 62 supermarkets
  • Provision of centralised and remote management of the entire wireless network at head office, for easy administration and troubleshooting over a large volume of devices
  • Low bandwidth to the central management point, coupled with ability to operate without connection to head office


  • Enabled quick implementation and consumer take-up of innovative scan and discount systems, providing a more enjoyable shopping experience via wireless devices as they shop
  • Secure connectivity for a more efficient and faster mode of shopping
  • The enablement for Hoogvliet’s head office to manage the systems and solve any problems from one central point

European Supermarket Chain Chooses Aerohive’s Business-class WLAN Solution

Hoogvliet is a supermarket chain with 62 supermarkets and 57 liquor stores, spread across the center of The Netherlands, with a service and distribution hub in Alphen aan den Rijn. Founded in 1968, Hoogvliet now has over 5,000 employees. Originally characterised within the cash n carry model, Hoogvliet has since evolved into a service discount supermarket chain, purveying a wide range of quality goods.

The organisation prides itself on attention to detail and customer experience, from the smell of freshly baked bread to children’s entertainment, vibrant colours and butchers’ stands where customers can witness employees hard at work. All stores promote Hoogvliet’s winning formula; value for money, quality, friendly, responsible service, and easy and fast – in maintaining these values, technology plays a critical role and works as a foundation for the organisation’s on-going development plans.

The Challenge

As a leading European supermarket chain, already promoting a shopping environment built around enhancing ease and customer experience in terms of store layout, Hoogvliet wanted to offer its consumers a self-scanning service to be deployed throughout 90% of its supermarkets, whereby customers could scan items as they go, enabling real time subtotalling. The company also wanted to give customers the best opportunity to take advantage of the many price reduction offers, with the deployment of discount terminals in all 62 supermarkets.

Deploying Zelfscan and the discount terminals, systems that both work with the aid of a WLAN wireless infrastructure, Hoogvliet needed the ability to manage a large volume of devices from one central point at its head office. It was also critical its wireless service required minimum bandwidth despite a large volume of devices and could be serviced easily and remotely.

“The self scanning and discount services were a natural progression for Hoogvliet, as we continue to offer our customers the best level of customer experience possible. Rolling out the services to so many of our supermarkets was going to be a substantial task, and we know our choice in WLAN infrastructure was critical to the project’s success or failure.”


Following a competitive tender with four other vendors, Hoogvliet opted for Aerohive’s WLAN – Aerohive’s unique architecture eliminates the need for a controller, which was compelling for the supermarket chain’s objectives for 24/7 uptake and scalability.

The Aerohive solution has the capacity to support Hoogvliet’s 4000 + Motorola MC17 terminals, 62 Motorola MC55s, 62 Zebra QL220 + printers and 50 + computers, spread throughout it’s supermarkets and head office. The system also has high availability, with intelligence in the APs themselves providing the resilience needed to still function without connection to the central point.

“As a modern organisation touting value for money and overall experience, delivering quality and convenience to our highly- expectant, and rapidly growing customer base, is essential. Aerohive enables us to do this.”


“From Aerohive we have not only purchased a highly secure system, but witnessed the benefits of high uptime infrastructure that’s easily managed from one place, and above all, part of our own winning formula – value for money.”

The Aerohive solution was easy to implement and went off without any hitches. Reliability of the WLAN assured user experience, meaning customers quickly adopted the new systems. In place for a year, even with the large volumes of devices online at any one time, Aerohive’s WLAN solution continues to operate effectively, with minimal demand on bandwidth. Hoogvliet has also been so impressed with Aerohive, it has just installed Access Points in its new cutting edge frozen foods Warehouse, to provide premium connectivity for employees operating its logistics systems.