Muskogee Public Schools

Why Aerohive Was Selected

  • Aerohive’s “smart” access points are manufactured with built-in intelligence to operate without a controller, which reduces the cost and complexity of deployment.
  • Aerohive’s cost-effective controller-less solution provides the performance, availability, management, mobility and security needed in a large-campus environment. Due to the controller-less solution, expanding to future wireless technologies will be much easier for Muskogee Public School District than with traditional/controller-based Wi-Fi systems.
  • Aerohive’s HiveManager is a centralized network management interface that provides customers with real-time topology, performance and client information to simplify troubleshooting and capacity planning.
  • Aerohive’s Partner Network is unstoppable. Partner United Systems provided free planning and simulations with actual Aerohive specifications, which took the “guess-work” out of wireless density and penetration planning. All for FREE.

Muskogee Public Schools Upgrades Existing Wireless Solution to Aerohive, Provides Easier-to-Manage, Next-Generation Solution for 21st –Century Classrooms

Established in 1898, the Muskogee Public School District (MPSI20) is located in the Northeast quadrant of Oklahoma and is the primary public school district in Muskogee, Oklahoma. With 14 educational sites, 6,250 students and 780 staff members, MPSD is the largest in the area. Dedicated to well-rounded excellence, the Muskogee Public School District provides balanced education through the combination of technology and physical facilities to enhance and enrich the student learning experience. In addition, the school district offers various academic and extracurricular activities to help prepare students for success in today’s ever- changing society.

The Challenge

Prior to Aerohive, the Muskogee Public School District was operating Cisco Wireless LAN solution, including Cisco Wireless Services Module (WiSM) controllers in their Cisco switches and Cisco access points. However, when looking to upgrade the district’s wireless infrastructure to a faster network, Eric Wells, Director of Technology at Muskogee Public Schools, realized licensing issues between Cisco WiSMs and Cisco access points would force the district to replace all existing equipment, including every access point, switch and controller, and start from square one – a huge cost for a school on a limited budget. Faced with these issues, Muskogee Public School District began its search for an easier-to-manage, more cost-effective and higher performance controller-less wireless solution.


Muskogee Public Schools relied on several resellers for networking solution provider recommendations. After working closely with Presidio to re-evaluate Cisco Systems, Dell to evaluate Aruba Networks and United Systems to evaluate Aerohive, Aerohive was ultimately selected for its comprehensive approach, central management capability, ease of deployment and cost-effective, controller-less solution. The Muskogee Public School District is currently utilizing HiveManager VM, and Aerohive’s AP121s, AP170s and AP330s.



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