NHS Lincolnshire


  • High performance connectivity for teleworkers in remote locations across the region
  • Cost effective scalability for large volume of workstations
  • Enabling provision of secure access to NHS N3 infrastructure.
  • Capacity demand of business critical applications
  • Deployment to multiple and remote locations


  • Enabled high performance connectivity for employees regardless of location
  • Secure connectivity for a more efficient and faster patient administration
  • Reduction in travel for remote workers, resulting in increased cost and time efficiency

NHS Lincolnshire chooses Aerohive’s Branch on Demand Solution

NHS Lincolnshire, a Primary Care Trust, is responsible for both improving the health of its citizens, and for the delivery of health services across the county. It commissions (planning and buying) healthcare for over 700,000 people, and manages a wide range of community based services such as local GP surgeries, community hospitals, and clinics.

NHS Lincolnshire prides itself on its responsibility to commission comprehensive high quality, best value care that takes into account best practice and clinical quality; and which reduces inequalities and assists the population to live longer and healthier lives.

The Challenge

NHS Lincolnshire is a Primary Care Trust, responsible for commissioning healthcare for close to three quarters of a million people, managing a wide range of NHS services in its region, from small GP surgeries to large healthcare centres. The organisation wanted to offer all its employees the means in which to work as efficiently and affectively as possible, including the provision of access to the NHS N3 system – one of the largest Virtual Private Networks in Europe.

NHS Lincolnshire needed the ability to deploy connectivity to a large volume of workstations, over 6000 accounts, each running business critical applications, such as patient appointment management system Choose and Book. In order to meet these requirements, NHS Lincolnshire deployed Aerohive Branch on Demand, which enables network connectivity by leveraging Aerohive’s Cloud Services Platform to deliver a “headquarters-like” connection regardless of location.

With the Care Trust’s catchment area consisting of a wide range of geographic locations, from population centres such as Lincoln to more remote areas in the South of the county, it was critical the system was simple to deploy, had zero touch for IT, easy user adoption and provided the same great level of connectivity regardless of location – from central office workers like HR directors and administrators, to teleworkers like GPs and nurses working from home.

“Having previously used Aerohive for our wireless networking in our offices, its Branch on Demand Service was a natural progression, as we took the significant step into remote networking, to increase efficiency and reduce travel costs. Rolling the service out to so many of our employees was going to be a substantial task, ease of deployment was going to be critical to the project’s adoption and ultimately its success.”


Previously opting for Aerohive’s LAN solution, over other service providers, for cost effectiveness and ease of deployment for wireless in its offices, NHS Lincolnshire has now opted for Aerohive’s Branch on Demand to provide not just wireless but remote office connectivity. Other pre-requisites included scalability for the organisation’s broad range of online needs, and the ability to effectively access the NHS N3 system easily and efficiently.

The Primary Care Trust has implemented a combination of Aerohive BR100 routers and Aerohive AP120, AP320 and AP340 Access Points, as well as Aerohive’s Cloud VPN Gateway and Aerohive’s HiveManager Online Network Management System, for zero touch deployment and centralised management and administration. The whole solution was deployed across the region in a very short space of time and Aerohive’s ease of use, and simple configuration meant that within days staff were fully familiar with the product. With Aerohive in place, all NHS Lincolnshire workstations now act as one big virtual office. Regardless of location, employees are working and collaborating from one stable and secure network in real-time.

The cost-effective scalability of the Aerohive solution remains critical as the organisation continues to evolve. Aerohive has eliminated the previous complexity in setting up a new office; the IT team no longer faces a lengthy financial sign off process, only costing a fraction of what it did previously using an Aerohive AP or Branch Router.

“As a modern NHS organisation, delivering the utmost level of service and convenience to our highly-expectant, growing list of patients, is essential. Aerohive has continued to enable us to do this”


“From Aerohive we have not only purchased a highly secure system for the benefit of patient confidentiality but witnessed the value of true remote working, as we look to save costs on things like travelling so we can instead channel investment towards where its important – saving people’s lives.”

Reliability of the Aerohive Branch on Demand solution has assured user experience, with employees getting quickly up to speed following a rapid deployment. Implemented earlier this year, even with a large volume of workstations connected at one time, spread across multiple locations in the region, Aerohive’s Branch on Demand solution is going from strength to strength, allowing employees to work more effectively and freeing up investment for more crucial demands on the NHS.