Raleigh County Schools

Why Aerohive Was Selected

  • Aerohive’s “smart” access points are manufactured with built-in intelligence to operate without a controller, which reduces the cost and complexity of deployment.
  • Aerohive’s 802.11ac AP230 access point sets a new price/performance standard for 802.11ac APs. By combining the latest in 3x3, three-stream 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi technology and advanced security and control together, it allows RCS to easily deploy 802.11ac to intended classrooms and administration buildings. Additionally, planned RCS 802.11ac expansion will be much easier and more economical than it would be with traditional Wi-Fi systems.
  • Aerohive’s Cooperative Control networking infrastructure equipment along with AirWatch provides a robust and comprehensive solution for managing mobile devices.
  • Aerohive’s HiveManager Online is a cloud-based centralized network management interface that provides customers with real-time topology, performance and client information to simplify configuration, troubleshooting and capacity planning. This provides RCS visibility into all devices on the network regardless of physical location.

Aerohive Enables 802.11ac in Raleigh County Schools, Further Advances District’s 1:1 Initiative with Latest Standard in Wi-Fi Industry

Raleigh County is located in Southern West Virginia approximately 60 miles from the state capital of Charleston. The Raleigh County school district is comprised of 29 schools including 19 elementary schools (grades Pre-K-5), five middle schools (grades 6-8), four high schools (grades 9-12) and one career-technical center (grade 11-adults). With a student population of more than 12,000 and a workforce of over 1,500 administrators, teachers and personnel, the district ranks as the fourth largest district in the state.

Raleigh County Schools (RCS) are focused on tailoring curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of all students while striving to make a difference one student at a time. The schools have earned state and national recognition for meeting and maintaining rigorous standards including prestigious accolades such as West Virginia Schools of Excellence, National Title I Schools and No Child Left Behind National Blue Ribbon.

The Challenge

Prior to Aerohive, RCS was solely leveraging Cisco controller-based wireless solutions with 802.11a/b/g/n equipment throughout the district. However, with a robust 1:1 initiative well underway with 11,000 iPads in use and plans to expand the initiative in the near future, RCS recognized the demand for increased bandwidth and Wi-Fi speed. In addition, RCS also adopted the Common Core State Standards and realized conducting online testing on the school-issued iPads proved an easy and efficient process, solidifying the inherent need for a next-generation wireless solution. Given these needs, Jeff Webb, network administrator at RCS, began pursuing a controller-less networking solution that easily enabled 802.11ac adoption, could be deployed effortlessly and included security and mobile management in one economical package.


RCS worked closely with CDW-G to evaluate traditional Wi-Fi networking vendors including Extreme Networks and Cisco before selecting Aerohive. Ultimately, Aerohive was selected for its ability to quickly and easily deploy fully-featured 802.11ac, remote management capabilities and for its controller-less, cost-effective solution. RCS is currently utilizing 60 Aerohive 802.11ac AP230 access points and Aerohive’s HiveManager Online Network Management System.



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