Snowline Joint Unified School District
Snowline Joint Unified School District Embraces 21st Century Learning Initiative and Supports Common Core SBAC Testing with Aerohive’s Cloud-Enabled Wi-Fi

Why Aerohive Was Selected

  • Aerohive's cloud-enabled networking and controller-less architecture seamlessly supports Common Core-aligned SBAC online testing.
  • Aerohive's HiveManager Virtual Appliance provides Snowline Joint Unified School District with real-time visibility and information to simplify troubleshooting across distributed environments. With HiveManager, Snowline has the ability to centrally manage the network and easily access the system 
  • Aerohive's StudentManager software (with integration with Aeries) provides teachers with complete control over student Internet accessibility in the classroom. Specifically, it allows a teacher to browse website resources and ensures that students’ devices have access to only those visited websites, engaging students in the classroom 
  • Aerohive offered Snowline Joint Unified School District the most comprehensive, cost effective, flexible cloud networking solution compared to all of the other considered vendors including Aruba Networks.

Snowline Joint Unified School District Embraces 21st Century Learning Initiative and Supports Common Core SBAC Testing with Aerohive’s Cloud-Enabled Wi-Fi

The Snowline Joint Unified School District (JUSD) was founded in 1982 and today has over 7,800 students across five K-5 elementary schools, one K-8 school, two 6-8 middle schools, one 7-12 community day school, a continuation high school, a traditional high school, and a virtual academy. Snowline JUSD encompasses the communities of Wrightwood, Phelan, Pinon Hills, Baldy Mesa, Oak Hills, Oak Springs Valley, West Cajon Valley and portions of Victorville in California. Three of the district’s elementary schools and the two middle schools have been recognized by the state as California Distinguished Schools.


Over the past several years, like many educational institutions today, Snowline Joint Unified School District was faced with budget cuts, preventing them from fully supporting educational technology during dire economic times. Prior to deploying Aerohive, Snowline Joint Unified School District had a hardwired, interconnected network infrastructure that provided zero wireless access. This antiquated solution offered limited access within classrooms. As the school district moved to Common Core-aligned testing including the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), it realized the inherent need for a robust wireless infrastructure to support more current technology and the required online testing. Given these needs, Snowline JUSD began pursuing new wireless options that could be easily deployed, requiring little to no construction or re-wiring that could cause significant disruption to the network, protracted time schedules for implementation, and prohibitive cost.


Snowline JUSD IT staff, in conjunction with district teachers adept at infusing educational technology into instruction, evaluated traditional Wi-Fi networking vendors including Aruba Networks before selecting Aerohive. Ultimately, Aerohive was chosen for its flexible, scalable, cost-effective controller-less solution that was able to piggyback on Snowline’s existing infrastructure. Aerohive also provided IT with centralized management, control and complete visibility into the network. Currently, Snowline JUSD is utilizing Aerohive’s HiveManager Virtual Appliance, and has also deployed 173 Aerohive AP330 access points across all campuses.



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