Aerohive provides the largest e-commerce distribution center of the world with wifi access points

Wehkamp.nl grows. The largest online warehouse of the Netherlands needs a new distribution center. In the summer of 2015 the impressive building needs to be finished, where an excellent wifi network can’t be missing. Aerohive Networks won the tender to provide the largest e-commerce distribution center of the world with 214 access points.

What is wehkamp.nl?

Wehkamp.nl, part of the RFS Holding, doesn’t need much explanation in the Dutch market. The numbers are impressive: the online warehouse has about 130 million visitors, sold 18 million products, sent over more than 7 million packages, has more than 2000 brands in their assortment and has 4,4 million registered visitors. These dazzling numbers make wehkamp.nl the largest online warehouse of the Netherlands. The company was founded in 1952 as a classic mail-order firm. In 1995 the internet comes in. Ultimately the company decided in 2008 to completely stop with the big catalogues and sell their entire assortment online. The original name Wehkamp changed logically into wehkamp.nl.

Wehkamp.nl has an exciting challenge to take up. The online warehouse is building the largest e-commerce distribution center of the world of 35.000 square meters stationed in Zwolle, where 4 million products accommodate. This technological high-quality distribution center is getting almost 480.000 so called ‘pick locations’ where various products are stored. The products are going to be picked up by 468 robots. In the new distribution center 12.350 items per hour can be picked up on the locations. This is twice as fast than in the current distribution center in Demensvaart. After the client makes an order, the package is ready for delivering in 30 minutes. The new distribution center is needed, because wehkamp.nl expect that within 10 years the Dutch consumer buys 50 percent of his purchases online. With building the brand new center they’re prepared for the future.

Aerohive is going to provide the distribution center with 214 access points that makes 468 robots, dozens of handheld scanners and trick terminals, the maintenance crew and visitors communicating through the wifi network. In the building will be hanging different types of access points: the AP141 –159 and AP350 –77. Beside that the BR100 Router will be used. These are high-quality appliances which are qualified for organisations with a lot of devices which are connecting to the wifi network.

Why Aerohive?

Because of the enormous size of the distribution center and the numerous devices which are connected with Wi-Fi, there must be high demands of the wifi network. When the plans for the construction of the distribution center were finished, wehkamp.nl wrote out a tender. There were challenging requirements regarding the (price)technical, functional and safety aspects. The excellent value for money was the decisive factor to choose for Aerohive. Because of the stable and excellent Wi-Fi network, the robots are able to pick up thousands of packets in the distribution center 24/7.