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Program Overview

About Aerohive

Aerohive is the innovator of Cloud Networking. Together with our channel partners, we help customers radically simplify their wired and wireless networks, and unlock value beyond connectivity with an intuitive, adaptable, and data-driven platform. Our partner-centric solutions and market approach deliver the fastest path to double-digit protected margins, and opportunities for new service and recurring revenue.

Aerohive has a 100% channel model that includes attractive discounts, deal registration, qualified leads and partner-driven deal incentives, and we thrive on a high-touch, channel-friendly, sales force focused on bringing opportunities to partners.

We work closely with our channel partners to provide the tools and resources needed to expand your business. We are dedicated to providing our partners one of the industry's most aggressive channel programs.

Reasons to Partner with Aerohive

Why Partner with Aerohive

Top Reasons to Partner with Aerohive

  • Business Value - 100% channel, enhanced margins, quick path to being an MSP, enhanced value with API customization
  • Marketing Programs – free AP, test flights, packaged lead gen, event sponsorship
  • Sales & Technical Training - certified curriculum, online courses, real time learning, monthly communications
  • Sales Support – worldwide operations, regional rock stars, inside sales machine, channel ‘A-Team’
  • Registered Deal System – levels & discounts
  • Client Services – – global coverage, community forum, professional services, highest CSAT
  • Easy to Work With - separated HW/SW, simplified ordering, flexible ownership, packaged solution

Marketing Tools

Aerohive Connect – A New Channel Partner Opportunity

Aerohive Connect is a low cost to entry solution that allows you to serve all of your customers with a single platform. As their provider, you can seamlessly upgrade their services with increased network visibility and control, enhanced support offerings, new data insights, unparalleled flexibility with deployment and licensing models that fit individual requirements and budget.

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Aerohive Connect – A New Channel Partner Opportunity

A Better Way to Reach and Serve Your Customers

Aerohive provides partners with an expansive set of resources to help ensure success. These are just some highlights of tools available including demos, webinars, content syndication pieces, test flights, campaigns, events, and more. Once registered, partners have access to a full partner portal which also includes sales resources, news, quoting tools, marketing programs and many other support resources.

Test Flights  
  • Partner Enablement Test Flight

    To help our partners understand the power and functionalities of our access points, we offer a 1/2 day onsite test flight event where they will get hands-on training and a Free AP for testing.

  • End User Test Flight

    Test Flights are an essential and effective form of end user engagement and are a proven method for driving closed/won business with warm prospects.

    To learn all about the Test Flight Program and how you can quickly and easily get on board, contact your sales representative or contact the team at Aerohive Channel Marketing

Demand Gen Campaigns  
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    Aerohive Connect

    Every Access Point is a Starting Point

    Aerohive Connect offers enterprise connectivity, cloud management, and interactive forum-based support, without increasing cost or complexity. Connect leverages Aerohive’s unique distributed Wi-Fi architecture and cloud networking to increase speed, scale, and resiliency for wireless-first organizations. Connect is a great entry point for organizations that have basic connectivity needs but expect to increase network visibility, security, and other enterprise Wi-Fi features in the near future.

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    Aerohive Select

    Transform the Connected Experience

    Seamlessly upgrade to advanced features such as application visibility, increased security, troubleshooting tools, and enhanced support services with Aerohive Select. Aerohive’s advanced cloud networking solutions increase network intelligence while decreasing network complexity, available as either a public or private cloud deployment. Aerohive Select enhances the connected experience for corporate, BYOD, guest, and IoT connectivity.

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    E-rate Program

    Everything you need to know to navigate the E-rate program

    E-rate 2.0 is an FCC program intended to help fund telecommunications services and technology in K-12 schools. Aerohive is pleased to be one of the leading network vendors prepared to help expand cost-effective, resilient, and high-speed Wi-Fi for all E-rate eligible entities in the United States. This provides a great selling opportunity for Aerohive partners that participate in E-Rate bids.

Content Syndication  


  • Download  

    Aerohive SD-LAN Whitepaper

    SD-LAN builds on the principles of Software Defined Networking (SDN) in the data center and Software Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) to create a new approach to adaptable, flexible, and cost effective wireless and wired access network. This builds an application and policy driven architecture, unchaining hardware and software layers while offering self-organizing and centrally managed networks that are simpler to operate, integrate, and scale.

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    Public or Private Cloud: The Choice is Yours Whitepaper

    The debate waging between deploying either public or private cloud services has remained to be a major worry and source of confusion among IT managers. This paper helps to define and differentiate between private and public cloud services in order to make a well-informed decision on which service to implement.

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    The Benefits of Cloud Networking Whitepaper

    Cloud networking introduces a new way to deploy, operate, and manage distributed enterprise networks. It delivers enterprise-class network capabilities via a cloud infrastructure that requires little or no capital investment in additional appliances or IT resources. This white paper will provide details about cloud networking, the state of the cloud market, its benefits, and Aerohive’s cloud-enabled networking platform and its current cloud networking offerings.

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    Controllers, Cloud and Cooperative Control – 5 Generations of WLAN Architecture

    With the demand for mobility ever increasing, organizations are continually evaluating and investing in the latest technologies to support their mobile users, devices and applications. This whitepaper discovers the building blocks that create a modern mobility platform, exploring the evolution of Wi-Fi from a convenience access medium, to a critical part of the network infrastructure. Read this document to learn how to implement a fast, secure, and reliable solution and gain an understanding of what role the cloud plays for mobility-first networks.


  • Watch Now  

    2-minute video: Personalized Engagement Platform for Retailers

    In less than two minutes, learn how retailers can use Aerohive’s Wi-Fi solutions to improve their customers’ experience.

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    2-minute video: Aerohive Connect

    Aerohive Connect offers enterprise connectivity, cloud management, and interactive forum-based support, without increasing cost or complexity. Connect leverages Aerohive’s unique distributed Wi-Fi architecture and cloud networking to increase speed, scale, and resiliency for wireless-first organizations.

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    2-minute video: Aerohive’s Wi-Fi Solution for Enterprises

    Learn in less than 2 minutes how the distributed, scalable Aerohive architecture has been optimized to meet the requirements of enterprises.

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    Don’t Get Stuck with Bad Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi problems cause lower performance, create overhead, complexity, and cost. This webinar elaborates on the critical components necessary to design a network for capacity, optimize channels and achieve best data rates through bandwidth optimization.

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    Wi-Fi Security Round-up

    Controlling who can access your corporate WLAN – and what they can do while there – has become business critical. Join our Wi-Fi experts to learn how various security models stand up to this new reality.

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    Connect in Action

    This Aerohive Connect Demo will highlight the benefits of cloud-managed, enterprise Wi-Fi connectivity and support.

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    Enterprise-class Cloud Wi-Fi in Action

    This Aerohive Select demo will review our enterprise-class, cloud-managed solution for centrally managing, monitoring and supporting a network.

  • Partner Roadshow

    In May and June 2017, we hosted a 10-city partner roadshow throughout the U.S. and Canada. We discussed future market trends, business plans to increase service and recurring revenue, and the profitable programs that can drive double-digit margins in our partners’ business.

    Looking to attend? Our Partner Roadshow is coming soon to a city near you in Fall 2017!

  • National Retail Federation (NRF)

    Each year, Aerohive participates in the National Retail Federation (NRF) annual conference in New York City which brings together the largest gathering of retail industry executives in the world.

    Our partners play a vital role in Aerohive’s show presence helping to showcase our in-store analytics via live demos and presentations.

Synnex Programs  
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    2017 Reseller Incentive

    Earn extra cash by selling Aerohive products. (Available only to Aerohive partners)

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    AP122 Campaign

    Enterprise Wi-Fi from $229. 1/3 price of Cisco, HP, and Ruckus cloud solutions. (Available only to Aerohive partners)

Receive a FREE Aerohive Access Point & Switch

Transform your connected experience with cloud networking.
We believe that every access point is a starting point, and the first one is on us.

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Partner Success

Hear From Our Partners

As an industry leader in the wireless connectivity, Aerohive helps partners provide their customers with visibility and scalability. You can build service and recurring revenue, double digit margins, and find new market opportunities with Aerohive. But don’t take our word for it, check out our partner testimonials, case studies and quotes.

Aerohive Connect – A New Channel Partner Opportunity

Aerohive Partner Testimonials

Build Double Digit Margins & Cloud Service Revenue

Here is a sampling of customers wins with our partners.

Partner Testimonials

“Just hooked up all 6 wireless access points, and have one word for you, Bam!! Thanks for building a wireless that's so easy that my mom could install it!”
- Ben Swaby, First Baptist

“As we grow our business and offer a great number of networking services to our clients, Aerohive has given us a strong foundation to offer small and medium businesses who need to upgrade and evolve to an enterprise wireless solution.”
- Sean Story, BusyBee WiFi

“Aerohive not only delivers a highly reliable enterprise Wi-Fi solution, their 100% channel model empowers us to simply sell the best Wi-Fi solution.”
- Michael Crean, CEO, Solutions Granted

“HiveManager- it’s infinitely scalable and easy to manage! It’s a huge benefit to our end-users that they don’t have to spend time configuring their devices 1 by 1.”
- Reed Perryman, RCN Technologies

“We had a big need in K-12 for a policy-driven, easy to use wireless platform. Aerohive’s API program aligned up perfectly!”
- Michael Knight, Encore Technologies

“Aerohive is a great strategic tech alliance partner for us. Their solution has complimentary ties based on their Always-On Connectivity. It is a perfect alignment!”
- Tom Boehmer, Juniper Networks

“The Aerohive solution allows us to offer a scalable and simplified solution with the benefit of robust features tailored across a wide variety of verticals.”
- Sean Story, BusyBee WiFi

Sales Enablement

Distribution Support

Instant MSP

Instant MSP

Industry first wireless-as-a-service resell offering for partners

Renewals Simplified

Renewals Simplified

Automated renewals tool to fully manage, create, send and remind VAR's of upcoming renewals

Wi-Fi Planning

Wi-Fi Planning

RF ninjas help with network design through online planning tools

Flexible Finance

Flexible Finance

Several finance options tailored to you and your customers needs

Tech Talk - July

Tech Talk

Aerohive hosts a monthly broadcast for its channel partners focused on relevant topics about products, features, integration, success stories and more. To register for our next Tech Talk webinar, please log into the Partner Portal.

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Technical Training

Aerohive Technical Certification Courses

Channel Sales Training

Articulating Aerohive’s unique cloud-managed value proposition and pitch our solutions will be critical to successfully closing deals with your customers. Completing the online Aerohive sales training programs are one way to help you accomplish these two goals.

Sales training is primarily offered through Aerohive University (our online learning management system) and is free to all Aerohive Partners.

To help you understand the type of online channel partner training, we’ve gathered some typical training videos on our Connect Product as well as Wi-Fi Fundamentals.

The courses below are included as part of the introductory sales accreditation and are helpful for those sales people who are new to wireless and are intended to provide learners with a common foundational knowledge. Since we realize those who are new to selling Aerohive come from a variety of backgrounds, these 5-7 modules are optional for those who are familiar with wireless networking.

Aerohive Connect Training  

These short videos will introduce and show the power and ease of the Aerohive Connect Interface. This series can be completed either individually or as a series.

  • Watch Now  

    Connect Introduction

    Watch this 7 minute introduction which covers Aerohive Connect, why it was built and the key features and benefits delivered for channel partners.

  • Watch Now  

    Connect Demo: Initial Set-up

    These resources are available to registered channel partners- and then the link would go to the register page.

  • Watch Now  

    Connect Demo: Configuration

Wi-Fi Fundamentals  

Beyond the required online learning, we also offer individually-scheduled classes as well as a monthly webinar series – the Channel Insider – that is designed to keep you abreast of the latest Aerohive product and programs.

Resource Library

Helpful Links

We help you make it easy to introduce your customers to the benefits of Aerohive's solutions with a variety of materials and programs. Check out these pages to get the latest information about Aerohive products, solutions and our community.