HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance

Next-generation network management solution enables true enterprise mobility for on-premises deployments

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HiveManager NG is Aerohive’s next-generation network management solution. With advanced features, it sets a new standard for simplicity and flexibility in unified networking by combining streamlined configuration workflows, real-time client and event monitoring, simplified troubleshooting, versatile RF planner tools and API integrations. With HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance, customers have the flexibility to deploy HiveManager NG on-premises, as a single virtual machine.


  • Visual, intuitive user experience
  • Application visibility and control
  • Enhanced security and user access control
  • Simplified troubleshooting
  • Simplified Deployment

    Simplified deployment workflow and seamless transition from demo to production.

    • Guided workflow for network policy deployment
    • Interactive on-screen step-by-step guided configuration help
    • RF planner with map import and export
    • Ability to swap simulated APs with real Aerohive APs on RF planner map
    • Devices automatically connect to HiveManager NG for provisioning

  • Centralized Configurations

    Granular and streamlined device and network configuration.

    • Device templates for switches and APs
    • Aerohive device as RADIUS server
    • Centralized view of all configuration objects
    • Ability to bulk edit device properties
    • Ability to schedule firmware upgrade
    • Bonjour gateway support
    • Command Line Interface access to Aerohive devices
    • Local user management with automatic private PSK
    • Captive web portal for user login
    • Active directory/LDAP
    • Syslog SNMP server configuration
    • Ability to backup and restore objects inventory and configuration
    • IPv6 support

  • Centralized Policy Management

    Context-aware user policies with granular and flexible control enable IT to deliver an optimized end-user experience.

    • Device classification by location & timezone
    • Customer application definition
    • Client classification by location, OS type, MAC address
    • Multiple user profiles for each SSID
    • Time-based firewall and QoS policy
    • Application, network, and MAC Layer firewall policy rules
    • WIPS policy for rogue AP detection

  • Dashboard

    Dashboard with contextual filters and time range slider enables monitoring of network from assets, health status, data usage and security standpoints.

    • Graphical widgets and status cards with drill-down capabilities
    • Time range slider on dashboard for historical view
    • 360° views of Aerohive network policies, AP, client devices, users and applications
    • Global search function by network policy, MAC address, serial number, user or application name
    • 7 days of historic monitoring and reporting data
    • Interactive Network Summary Report with easy sharing
    • Savable contextual filters by location, SSID, policy, user profile, and client OS type

  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    Real-time and historical view of devices, clients, alarms and events. Ability to take informed action on devices immediately from the monitor interface.

    • WIPs history report
    • Drill down capability from client list to client 360 view
    • Device list with rich utilities for advanced configuration and investigation
    • Real time client list with SNR, RSSI, data usage and connection status
    • Simplified device search by service tag, serial number, device type (APs and switches) and other criteria
    • Savable and reusable filters shared across dashboard and monitor
    • Alarm and event lists with historical and real-time data
    • PCI 3.1 compliant reporting
    • Rogue AP and rogue client monitoring
    • Near real-time KPI values
    • Map based navigation

    Help-desk optimized interface to triage historical and real-time client problems with actionable data for resolution. Reduce escalation and provide better end-user experience.

    • Help-desk optimized interface with problem summary and suggested remedy
    • Dedicated Helpdesk user role for simple access management
    • Real-time troubleshooting with probe messages and stage filters
    • Historical troubleshooting with automatically detected issues
    • Mark issue resolved or escalate issue with email notification
    • Built-in command line interface
    • RADIUS test
    • AP technical data download

  • More Features

    Security and Privacy

    • Role based access control
    • Customer and network data is private and secure
    • No customer data traverses Aerohive’s network
    • SSO for NG administrators (AD or GSuite credentials)

    Guest Access

    • On-boarding and management of visitor and employee personal devices
    • Seven on-boarding workflows: Captive Web Portal, Kiosk and Guest Check-In applications
    • Private PSK (PPSK), PSK and 802.1X (RADIUS) authentication

    Supported Hardware Platform

    • AP120, AP121, AP122, AP130, AP141, AP170, AP230, AP245x, AP250, AP320, AP330, AP340, AP350, AP370, AP390, AP550, AP1130
    • SR2024P, SR2124P, SR2148P, SR2208P, SR2224P, SR2324P, SR2348P

  • Recommended Hardware Specifications

    For up to 500 devices

    • CPU: Xeon E3-1220 v5, 3.0GHz, 8MB cache or better
    • 1 physical CPU
    • 4 cores, 4 threads
    • 16 GB memory
    • 1 TB storage (HDD)

    For up to 2,000 devices

    • CPU: Xeon E5-2620 v4, 2.1GHz, 20MB cache or better
    • 1 physical CPU
    • 8 cores, 16 threads
    • 32 GB memory
    • 1 TB storage (SDD)

  • Required Third-Party Software

    • VMWare vSphere Essentials 5.5 or higher

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    HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance (560 KB)

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    HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance Quick Start Guide (1 MB)

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    HiveManager NG Solution Brief (700 KB)

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    The Benefits of Cloud Networking (316 KB)

Features of HiveManager NG


Intuitive, visual dashboard with contextual filters for a comprehensive overview of network assets, health status, application and data usage as well as user activity.

Simplified Configuration

Configuration and deployment of an enterprise-grade network in 15 minutes

  • Create and deploy network policies with guided workflows
  • Simplified configuration workflow with 4 main steps
  • Additional configuration with advanced options are available
Application Visibility and Control

View and control application usage on your network

  • Supports 1000s of professional and casual applications
  • Dashboard presents summary widgets for quick review
  • Drill down options by users, usage, location, AP
  • Control application availability by user group, by time of day or block entirely
  • “Application 360” View: summary view of applications across users and locations
Unified Management 

The HiveManager architecture can seamlessly scale from a small, basic network to a large deployment with thousands of access points, switches, and branch routers.

  • Unified Management of Wi-Fi and wired access with consistent network policies
  • Management of third party access switches
Monitoring and Reports

Advanced features enable contextualized monitoring and reporting

  • Monitoring of network devices, clients, application usage
  • 360° Device, Client and User summary views and a visual dashboard for intuitive, contextualized monitoring
  • Filtering options by time ranges and location
  • Detailed views of devices and clients (status and activity)
  • Customizable reports, using filters and time ranges

Help-desk optimized troubleshooting with actionable data for resolution

  • Network Health Assessment
  • Automatic data collection
  • Real-time and historical investigative tools
  • Problem summaries and suggested remedies

Try HiveManager NG

Plan, configure, and deploy a complete network using HiveManager NG.

Take a Sneak Peek Inside HiveManager NG


Powerful dashboard with contextual filters and time range slider provides current and historical view, insights into applications, trend of client count, device data usage, and ability to drilldown to 360 degree views of network policy, single device, application, client and user.


Help-desk optimized troubleshooting interface enables historical and real-time troubleshooting, provides problem summary and suggested remedy, reduces problem escalation, and provides better service experience to end users.


Centralized Management

Centralized network management with unified policy and monitoring for access points and switches with context-aware user policies.


Streamlined device and network configuration with task-based policy workflows enable configuration of a mobility network from sign-up to deployment within 15 minutes.

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