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At Aerohive, we believe that every Access Point is a starting point.

Aerohive Select

Upgrade your Connected Experience with advanced features, services, and deployment options

  • Advanced Monitoring - 360° device & client views and a visual dashboard for contextualized monitoring and reporting
  • Application Visibility and Control - Optimize application usage and network resources
  • Aerohive PPSK - Profile-based user access control for enhanced security
  • Advanced Guest Access Included – Flexible, secure guest onboarding with comprehensive CWP options and stand-alone applications
  • World-Class Supprt – Comprehensive support options with access to Aerohive experts
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Advanced Network Management

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Intuitive, visual dashboard with contextual filters for a comprehensive overview of network assets, health status, application and data usage as well as user activity.

Flexible Deployment 

The HiveManager portfolio of Network Management solutions allows administrators to deploy networks and maintain constant visibility and control, all enabled by a powerful cloud or on-premises platform and ecosystem that tie connectivity, insights, and applications together

Unified Management 

The HiveManager architecture can seamlessly scale from a small, basic network to a large deployment with thousands of access points, switches, and branch routers.

  • Unified Management of Wi-Fi and wired access with consistent network policies
  • Management of third party access switches
Application Visibility and Control

View and control application usage on your network

  • Supports 1000s of professional and recreational applications
  • Dashboard presents summary widgets for quick review
  • Drill down options by users, usage, location, AP
  • Control application availability by user group, by time of day or block entirely
  • “Application 360” View: summary view of applications across users and locations
Monitoring and Reports 

Advanced features enable contextualized monitoring and reporting

  • Monitoring of network devices, clients, application usage
  • 360° Device, Client and User summary views and a visual dashboard for intuitive, contextualized monitoring
  • Filtering options by time ranges and location
  • Detailed views of devices and clients (status and activity)
  • Customizable reports, using filters and time ranges


Help-desk optimized troubleshooting with actionable data for resolution

  • Network Health Assessment
  • Automatic data collection
  • Real-time and historical investigative tools
  • Problem summaries and suggested remedies
  • VLAN probe tool for simplified troubleshooting of the wired network
Open API Platform


Access to Aerohive Insight, with its APIs for monitoring, identity, configuration, presence and location enables new business intelligence and improved process efficiencies. Learn more about Insight here.

Secure & Flexible Access

Confidently connect corporate, BYOD, IoT, and guest devices to your network without overburdening your IT team

  • Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) provides simple and secure network access for every user and device
  • Rich context-based access controls ensure that users are provided appropriate network access based on their device, location, and time of day
  • Integration with RADIUS, AD, MDM, and NAC services ensures end-to-end control and compliance
  • Cloud-based services and management centralize device onboarding, policy enforcement, and application visibility
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