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Build on the power of Wi-Fi and the cloud to unlock the potential of mobility on campus

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Provide a fast and secure mobile experience anywhere on campus with a wireless LAN platform that has been designed to ensure the highest level of resiliency, seamless mobility, and optimized connectivity.

Connected Campus

Aerohive delivers value beyond wireless connectivity for a connected campus:

Ready your network for the increasing number of mobile users, devices, apps, and things

  • High capacity network access for every device
  • Easily & securely onboard student, staff, BYOD, and guest devices
  • Limit network access based on user, device type, location, or time of day
  • Block unwanted apps such as torrents or illegal media
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2-Minute Video: Education Solution

2-Minute Video: Education Solution

Simplified Management

A smarter cloud-enabled approach to network management that makes any administrator an instant Wi-Fi guru

  • Streamlined user experience with automated provisioning, guided configuration, and intuitive troubleshooting tools
  • Enhanced visibility and control with comprehensive 360 view dashboards of your users, devices, and applications
  • Unified wired and wireless management for consistent and secure network policies

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Future-Proof Your Investment

A flexible platform that makes it easy to plan for today and tomorrow

  • Distributed Control Wi-Fi eliminates the need for WLAN Controllers 
  • Flexible deployment and licensing model with Cloud services  
  • Mix and match access points to maximize your investment

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