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At Aerohive, we believe that every Access Point is a starting point.

Connecting your Guests while On-The-Move

Reliable, fast guest Wi-Fi is a key factor for guest satisfaction. Pick a Solution that exceeds their expectations.

  • Fast, robust Wi-Fi that just keeps working, thanks to Aerohive’s unique network architecture
  • Unparalleled ease of deployment and operations
  • Complete device portfolio: coverage-focused, wallplate, and high-density access points
  • Grow your network easily, anytime: add a few devices, hundreds or thousands
  • A tiered solution portfolio enables connectivity-focused and advanced networking needs alike
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Why Hospitality Service Providers Are Taking Their Business Forward With Aerohive

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AP150W: Wallplate Access Point and Switch

Next-generation Access Points for Hospitality Environments

Aerohive offers a comprehensive portfolio of 802.11 ac access points, to suit the diverse requirements of hospitality deployments:

  • Dedicated in-room coverage: the AP150W is a wall plate access point with 3X3:3, Wave 2 performance with dual radios. Learn more here.
  • Hallway deployments: the AP122 and AP130 are coverage-oriented 2X2:2, dual radio access points. Learn more here - AP122, AP130.
  • Event venues and meeting areas: the AP250 and AP550 deliver performance for high-density deployments with dual radio, 4x4:4 Wave 2 technology with MU-MIMO capability. Learn more here.


Aerohive Connect

Enterprise-grade WLAN for budget-minded properties

Today, wireless connectivity on-the-go is a ubiquitous guest requirement, but achieving reliable Wi-Fi coverage can be a challenge for smaller and value properties, due to economical considerations.

The Aerohive Connect solution changes that: now all hospitality customers can upgrade their Wi-Fi, while downgrading their cost. Aerohive Connect combines our powerful access points and switches with a robust set of management capabilities– no management license required.


Aerohive Connect

Aerohive Connect delivers:

  • Centralized & Unified Management - Unified Wi-Fi and switch management that harnesses the power of the cloud
  • Lifetime of Cloud Networking - The only Cloud Wi-Fi solution that doesn’t need a subscription
  • Powerful & Adaptable Connectivity - Self-organizing and self-healing access with the best balance of coverage, capacity, and performance
  • Value Beyond Connectivity – Flexible upgrade options to enhanced management, security and support
  • Interactive Support – Forum-based interactive support with optional upgrade services

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