High Availability and Mesh Network Redundancy

The Cooperative Control architecture from Aerohive Networks can achieve new levels of availability and resiliency in mission-critical wireless LAN networks. Unlike controller-based solutions where there is a single point of failure, Aerohive access points work together to recover from component failures without the need to deploy redundant systems, all while keeping the network wireless.

The Aerohive Networks' Cooperative Control access points support predictive stateful roaming, cooperative RF management, station load balancing, wireless mesh network redundancy, and stateful failover/rerouting. Wireless mesh network connections can be used to create redundant paths between access points, enabling the WLAN to route around wired network failures ensuring there is no single point of failure within the wireless or the wired infrastructure.

The dynamic wireless mesh network redundancy allows for this capability without dedicating a radio for this mesh resiliency, preserving two radios for user access during normal operation. When required to route around a failure in the wired network, a wireless mesh network connection is dynamically and gracefully established between neighboring APs.

Aerohive's AAA caching capability prevents branch office network downtime when a WAN link failure disconnects the branch from a centrally located authentication server by securely caching user credentials in an AP's volatile memory.