Mobility Suite

The Aerohive Mobility Suite featuring Client Management and ID Manager applications leverages Aerohive’s industry-first Cooperative Control HiveOS platforms and extends management and control over the complete spectrum of clients, from transient guests to company-issued devices. By combining simplified onboarding, management, and troubleshooting with context-based visibility, policies, and enforcement for all connected clients, Aerohive can provide a personalized mobile experience for every user and device on the network.

  • ID Manager Application
    ID Manager is the first enterprise guest management system to leverage the cloud to simplify and automate the deployment and maintenance of enterprise guest management. Whether required at a single site or over a globally distributed, multi-lingual company, ID Manager’s cloud-enabled flexibility and simplicity provide a
  • Client Management Application
    Client Management combines device configuration, management, and monitoring with policy-based network access and an employee self-service portal into a single product for companies desiring to support BYOD in conjunction with CID (company-issued devices).
  • complete guest management solution for every site.
  • Partner API Integration
    By using the Aerohive solution to seamlessly onboard and install partner MDM agent software, administrators can offload the significant workload of provisioning the profile on connecting devices as well as make sure that profile stays installed. Administrators can even use the combined solution to ensure devices remain compliant to the security profile, and can quarantine devices if they violate the compliance requirements and send instructions to the user to remediate the device.

The Mobility Suite delivers simplified enterprise networking and personalized mobility with a complete cloud-enabled mobility management solution that extends visibility and control to the very edge of the network – the connected mobile devices – by making them part of the Hive.

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Mobility Suite

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