Redirector for Zero-Touch Provisioning

Aerohive has revolutionized the simplicity of deploying Aerohive access points, routers, and switches in distributed enterprises and branch offices with HiveManager Online and Redirector. With the Redirector solution, organizations can instantly deploy Aerohive devices in one or many locations anywhere in the world within minutes. The solution dramatically lowers an organization’s operational costs and time for devices to be functional.

Aerohive’s unique Redirector feature enables zero-touch provisioning of Aerohive devices from anywhere in the world. Pre-configuration is unnecessary, because the highly intelligent Aerohive Cloud redirects every Aerohive device to its world- class HiveManager management platform, regardless of whether HiveManager resides in the Aerohive Cloud or on the local premise.

Here’s how Redirector works in four simple steps. See diagram for visual depiction.

    Step 1: The user receives the Aerohive device and plugs it to an Internet accessible network connection.

    Step 2: The device will automatically connect to the Aerohive cloud for provisioning.

    Step 3: The device will query the Redirector staging server, which resides in the cloud, and it will redirect the Aerohive device to the right HiveManager Online account or a customer’s on-premise HiveManager.

    Step 4: The device will automatically be provisioned with its configuration, security, and corporate policies and can instantly begin to be used.


  • No dedicated IT resources required at distributed locations
  • No training required at all for users to set up devices
  • Devices are provisioned and operating in literally a few minutes
  • Significant reduction in operating costs and time