Retail Analytics

Aerohive and Euclid have integrated their technologies to arm traditional brick-and-mortar retailers with helpful retail analytics. Euclid’s powerful real-world insights combined with Aerohive’s controller-less, intelligent Wi-Fi architecture provide a comprehensive analytics solution for physical retailers looking to optimize customer experience.

Step: Configure Retail Stores

HiveManager Classic On-premise customers: Upgrade to the latest version of HiveManager (6.1r1 or higher), then go to Home > HiveManager Services and check the "Enable Presence Analytics" box. HiveManager Classic Online customers: Contact your Aerohive representative to enable this setting.

Go to Reports > Presence Analytics and accept the Euclid EULA. Click the Configure and "New" button button to start defining stores. Enter the name of each store and its physical address, then select the Wi-Fi devices associated with that store.

Step 2: Enable Presence Functionality

Next, under Configuration > Radio Profiles, check the "Enable Presence Server" box for your existing radios and push the policy to your device.

Data collection will begin immediately, but it will take 24 hours before measurements start appearing in your dashboard.

Step 3: View Analytics Dashboard

After 24 hours, visit Reports > Presence Analytics again to start viewing opportunity, engagement, and loyalty metrics for each of your stores, including Visit Duration, Visit Frequency, Window Conversion, Bounce Rate, and Engagement Rate. You can view recent trends, compare stores, and drill down to view more detailed reports.


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