Spectrum Analysis

Aerohive's Spectrum Analysis feature* detects interference from non-Wi-Fi radio devices. No additional hardware or licenses are required to use this feature, which detects radio signals from devices such as Bluetooth, microwave ovens, and cordless phones. Data on performance-reducing interference sources is fed into the Aerohive Channel Selection Protocol (ACSP) to mitigate interference from non-802.11 devices.

Real-time spectrum analysis data is available through the web-based HiveManager interface. Administrators can view the spectral data from Aerohive AP connected to the HiveManager, and can use the spectrum analyzer to investigate interference at any location. To provide maximum flexibility, the data is presented in a web-based form that is available through any common browser, including on the iPad and iPhone.

  • Spectrum Analysis capabilities delivered as a free software update to existing 802.11n customers
  • Support for full 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz spectrum analysis, time slicing access with scanning, and common signatures to identify interfering device type, such as microwaves.
  • Industry first, HTML5 delivered spectrographs (graphical representation of spectrum analysis) allowing it to be used with any device or browser including iPads and iPhones

*This feature may not be supported on all Aerohive APs