Secure Everyone, Everything, Everywhere
Take Back Control of Your Access Network with SD-LAN

IoT and BYOD Webinar

IT pros today are concerned with vulnerabilities posed by IoT devices in the workplace. Join this on-demand webinar for practical insights from the guys who wrote the book on WLAN Security.

Secure & Flexible Access

Confidently connect corporate, BYOD, IoT, and guest devices to your network without overburdening your IT team

  • Software Defined PPSK authentication makes it easy yet secure to connect every single network device
  • Rich context-based access controls ensure that users are provided appropriate network access based on their device, location, and time of day
  • Integration with RADIUS, AD, MDM, and NAC services ensures end-to-end control and compliance
  • Cloud-based services and management centralize device onboarding, policy enforcement, and application visibility
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  • Business continuity – Self-optimizing, self-healing, and self-organizing operations
  • Scalability – Starts small and grows— or shrinks—as requirements change
  • Adaptability – Continuously adjusts to client, application, and infrastructure changes
  • Flexibility – Easily integrates with existing architecture and applications
  • Cost-effectiveness – Reduces the cost of acquisition and ongoing operation of the network

Take back control of your network with SD-LAN

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Software Defined Security

Protect your access network from the inside out

Simplified Authentication

A simple yet powerful authentication method:

  • Secure access for IoT devices that don’t support 802.1X
  • Simplified guest access workflows and onboarding applications
  • 1000’s of unique Pre-Shared Keys per user or device within a single SSID
  • Customizable security policies per PPSK group including VLAN assignment, time of day access, bandwidth allocation and firewall settings
  • Revoke a single key without effecting the rest of the network
  • Self-registration against AD for personal BYOD
  • Time-based key validity for guest access
Application Visibility & Control

Provides IT with visibility and granular control over mobile applications:

  • Prioritize and control of specific applications based on user and device identity
  • DPI firewall built-in to all Aerohive Access Points to restrict usage of social, peer-to-peer, streaming and other troublesome applications
  • QoS classification engine to enhance performance of mission critical applications such as voice and video
  • Monitor application usage per user, device, SSID, and location in HiveManager’s powerful contextualized dashboards
Policy Enforcement and Protection

With a range of protection services built into every access point, you can safely unleash mobility throughout your organization:

  • Fully stateful layer 2-7 firewall policies personalized to specific user groups or devices
  • On-board RADIUS Server, CA and AD integration to leverage existing user database
  • OS/Device classification engine enables granular policy enforcement
  • Scheduled SSID availability
  • WIPS policy for rogue detection and mitigation
  • TPM chips inside every AP encrypt precious data from physical theft
  • GRE and VPN tunneling to DMZ or remote locations
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting