HiveCare Support

From planning to maintenance, we will provide the support you need when you need it to assure that you enjoy a world-class support experience, true value, and lasting satisfaction with our service and products.

Technical Training

Aerohive Education Services offers a complete curriculum that provides you with the courses you will need as a customer or partner to properly design, deploy, administer, and troubleshoot all Aerohive wireless and wired networking solutions.

Classroom-Based Instructor-Led Training Courses

Instructor-led courses combine instruction with a large amount of hands-on lab time that simulate actual operations in a production environment.

Aerohive certified instructors teach Aerohive training courses in classrooms throughout the world. Students are given instruction and are guided though hands-on labs to learn the best practices for configuring and deploying an Aerohive networking solutions.

After attending an instructor-led course, all students can take an online certification exam.

Self-Paced Computer-Based Training Modules

Online learning provides a self-paced way for you to learn wireless networking and Aerohive fundamentals at your convenience.

Aerohive offers a series of Computer-Based Training (CBT) modules as well. These will guide you through the basics of Aerohive fundamentals as well as advanced features. Each self-paced module can be viewed at your convenience and viewed multiple times.

If you want to take an online certification exam, you must attend an instructor-led training course.

Computer-Based Training (CBT)  

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